biteSMS 5.1 Beta2 For iPhone Now Available For Download [Cydia Application]

The latest beta of biteSMS 5.1 is now in Cydia, under their beta repo: . Add that to your sources in Cydia, to get the latest version.

New, in this release:

  • Improved Quick Compose and Quick Reply typing speed.
  • For “Ad Supported Users” we are trying out having no banner ads, and just showing a full screen ad every so often instead. As this seems like a much nicer experience with less intrusion. Lets see how this goes. Try it out if you wish (Settings, Credits / License / Ads Info, Show me Adverts ON). Initially we’ll experiment with showing no more than 1 advert every 1 minute when user navigates back to the conversation list screen.
  • You can now control the order of messages in Quick List. In Settings, Quick List.
  • Fixed the shadow on the navbar title in the custom ringtones screen.
  • Added “swivel animation” for the conversation contact pic when pressed.
  • Fixed the drop shadow in the New Message Icon.
  • When entering digits into Quick Compose the “matching list” disappears so it’s easy to tap in the text area to continue.
  • Fixed bug not clearing draft text correctly. See…
  • For the new “All Timestamps” feature, we now show the Apple day delineation (in blue) and the bubble timestamps in grey.
  • Added a “right to left” or “left to right” supporting attribute in the language string files, e.g. for Hebrew.
  • Fixed bug, when you swiped to delete in Quick List, text did not position itself correctly.
  • Fixed bug where QC/QR was in front of the voice control window on lock screen.

If you’re trying the beta, and find a bug, please report in the forums, so that the developers of biteSMS can work on it, for the next release. Just visit the forums, and leave a comment.

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  • Amir Makahleh

    hey could you please tell me how you get your lockscreen to have that HTC clock

  • Anonymous

    From Cydia, install LockInfo and the HTC Clock Plugin.

  •  Xaroc

    Yes! I use the same one lol it’s awesome lol

  • Boohoo46

    so does this biteSMS 5.1 work with the lastest version of facebook 3.3.2? Im still lost if does or doesnt. please help

  • Eric

    the respiratory does not work on my phone iphone 4 sprint ios 5.1 jailbroken… need help with getting this new bitesms