Here Are The Best Android Apps Of 2012, Recommended By Google

It’s the end of the year and as always, Google has released a list of their best apps. In 2012, Google managed to close the gap with Apple’s App Store, shelling out about 750,000 apps. The search engine giant has also been releasing regular updates for its iOS set of apps. They also recently released Google Maps for iOS, which reached the No.1 spot on the App Store in just a few hours.

Now, Google’s merchandising manager for the Play Store, Tavares Ford, has listed some of the best apps of 2012 in various categories.

These are some of the best apps available in Google Play. Some launched in 2012 while others issued updates that achieved a great combination of utility, beauty and accessibility. Almost all of them are available globally and offer a great user experience on both tablets and phones. From excellent tools to objects of beauty, each of these applications represents the best of Google Play.

Best Android Apps of 2012

However, the list consists of apps that I and most of you probably have never used, but would want to use. Apps like Grimm’s Snow White, Ancestry etc. have made it to the list (we’re not really sure how they could be the best apps, unless all of Android’s users are kids or old people). 2012 saw a huge increase in app consumption on tablets and mobile devices and the Google Play Store did play an important part. Android usage also saw a big spike in 2012.

Here’s the list of the Best Apps of 2012 available in the Play Store.

Not all the apps are free, and not all of them are that great. But, you should check out all these apps if you just bought a new Android device. Meanwhile, let us know what your favourite Android apps are in the comments section.

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