Apple Gets Rid Of Fake Apps From The App Store

Apple’s App Store has some pretty strict reviewing procedures that all submitted applications have to undergo before they are accepted. Sometimes, certain fake or mimicking apps do make their way into the App Store. These apps destroy the reputation of the original apps they’re based on, their original developers and also make a lot of money.

For example, the fake version of Temple Run called Temple Jump, had made it to the Top Paid apps list. Imagine all the money that the developer of this fake game has made, which is basically a scam. According to the Guardian, a developer Anton Sinelnikov has cashed in a lot of money from all the fake apps that he has added to the App Store. Legit developers have been asking Apple to take action against such scam artists and finally they’ve taken the step.

Apple, recently, pulled out almost all the apps that were noted as scams and knock offs of the originals. This, however, doesn’t mean that there won’t be any more coming. What the company needs to do, is make its reviewing process stricter or maybe adding a ‘Verified’ status to apps. Even the Android Market faces such issues, but that’s alright because Google’s app review process is not as strict. As noted by TechCrunch, an option for users to point out that an app is fake, could also help in eradicating this problem.

For now, Apple has taken care of this problem. No doubt, that there are a lot more fake and deceitful apps on the App Store, which needs to be taken down. Have you come across any such fake apps? Did you ever download Temple Jump, Tiny Birds or Numbers With Friends, because these are fakes! Let us know in the comments if you were ever scammed.

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