Apple Begins Countdown To 25 Billion App Store Downloads

Wow…25 billion downloads. That is something amazing. Apple has updated their website, which now has a promo page with a counter displaying the current amount of downloads the App Store has experienced. If you are the lucky person to download the 25th billionth app from the App Store you may win a $10,000 USD dollar gift card to the iTunes Store. This can be used for books, apps, songs, movies, anything, and I am sure that is enough money to last a very long time!

The contest is open to any resident where there is an active iTunes Store. If you don’t have access to an iOS or Mac device, don’t worry you can also manually enter into the contest by clicking here.

Just to give you an idea of what 25 billion can represent:

  • That is 3.5 times the current population of the entire planet
  • Nearly 18,000 times the number of known species of animals on Earth
  • If you walked from Earth to Mars, 25 billion steps would get you nearly a third of the way
  • If you took 25 billion steps, stepping 24/7 it would take 775 years
  • If you took 25 billion steps on Earth, you would walk around the whole planet, 2688 times…wow
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  • App Developers

    There have been a half million more sales since you posted. It looks to be close to 100,000/minute.