App Store Reaches The Impressive 10 Billion Apps Downloaded Milestone

Apple’s App Store hit a new record milestone: 10 billion apps download! The winner of the promotion, not mentioned yet, will be awarded a (US) $10,000 iTunes Store gift card. Read all about the iTunes countdown to 10 billion apps downloaded here. For the App Store to reach 10 billion downloads in such a short amount of time (only 3 years), is definitely a huge milestone for Apple. It took the iTunes store 7 years to reach the 10 billion song downloads mark, which really just shows you how popular iOS iDevices really are. We will update this post once Apple lets us know who won the 10 billion app downloads contest. Until then Stay Tuned…

Were you close to downloading the 10 billionth App? Let us know if you think you won the 10 billion app downloads contest.

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