Rovio Announces The Next Level Of Angry Birds Star Wars–Episode V: Hoth

Angry Birds Star Wars has been out for a few weeks, and Rovio is already teasing their first new episode, “Episode V: Hoth.” The promotional video shows human rebel troops spying on pig-like AT-AT walkers, which–it turns out–aren’t so graceful on ice.

Along with the video is teaser text: “Will there be AT-AT walkers?! Can you take them down?! What’s Leia’s special power?!?!?!” I’m not sure if Rovio forgot, of if they’re just teasing, but they’ve already posted the gameplay teaser video for the Pink Bird/Leia, where she uses her ‘tractor beam’ ability to trip an AT-AT walker on a Hoth-looking level.

What’s most surprising about the first downloadable episode for Star Wars Angry Birds is the release date: it’s tomorrow.

There’s no word yet on the pricing for Episode V: Hoth–whether this will be a free DLC level pack, or if this will be a paid level pack like the $1.99 Path of the Jeli challenge levels. Rovio’s been known for releasing both free and paid DLC for their games.

Rovio Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth

We’ve already seen teaser videos with Princess Leia and AT-ATs on Hoth. Only one question remains: Will there be a Tauntaun-themed minigame?

Angry Birds Star Wars is available on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Android, Mac and PC.

Download Angry Birds Star Wars for iPhone and iPod Touch–$0.99 [iTunes App Store]

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Download Angry Birds Star Wars for Android–FREE [Google Play Store]

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Download Angry Birds Star Wars for PC–$4.95 [Angry Birds Shop]

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  • Dani Hayes

    Give it up Rovio.