iFixer: Fix Any Errors Associated With Spirit Or BlackRa1n [How To]

Just a couple days ago a tool called iFixer was released, and in short this tool will fix any errors that users are receiving while jailbreaking their iPod Touch, iPhone an iPad with Spirit or BlackRa1n. This new tool was developed by Kirma who is an active developer and hacker in the jailbreaking community. This new tool is also extremely easy to use; simply place the iFixer.exe into the same directory as Spirit or BlackRa1n and then click the appropriate button to begin the jailbreaking process.

Using this tool will ensure an error free jailbreak when using Spirit or BlackRa1n. Take a look at how iFixer works in the YouTube video below…

As you can see the tool features a very simple GUI and is very effective at fixing any errors that some users may encounter while using Spirit or BlackRa1n. If you are interested in using iFixer, make sure you have a version of iTunes 9+ and then click the download link below.

Download iFixer Now!

If you have tried out iFixer, let’s here your thoughts on this new tool developed by Kirma! I personally have not tried this new tool because I have not encountered any errors with Spirit or BlackRa1n, however I am sure this will help out users who are facing errors.

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