3 Billion Apps Downloaded By Apple iPad Users So Far

Apple launched the magical iPad in April of 2010 and since then the sales have just been increasing. Even after the launch of the iPad 2, the tablet market is still mostly dominated by this magical device. We all know that the fruit company loves to set records and then also breaks them. Here’s another new record that the Apple iPad has managed to set. According to ABIresearch, users have downloaded about 3 billion apps from the Apple App Store on to their iPad.

The App Store was launched in July 2008, and was an instant success. Currently there are over 500,000 apps available on the app store, both paid and free. This new app store milestone is all about the iPad. And to make things even more interesting, the more famous iPhone took six months more to reach the same target. Now, that’s something! The iPad has created waves among all kinds of people and it’s at it.

As for the Android Market, they did cross the 400,000 apps milestones just recently, but the downloads have been not going so well. Android tablets have managed only 440,000 app downloads so far, even though there are so many different tablets to choose from. People get a lot more to choose from on the iPad, whereas the same cannot be said for Android tablets. The competition is tough and researches say that in the near future, Android will still be behind Apple in terms of App Store downloads. Let’s see what the year 2012 brings us, other than the apocalypse.

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