Why I Would Buy An Amazon Tablet

One of the most recent, probably worst kept secrets is that of the Amazon Tablet. I honestly can not wait. I wouldn’t buy an Android tablet normally, as I already own an iPad, but I really think Amazon could be a real competitor with this.

Apple can sell tablets for relatively cheap (compared to; for example the Xoom) because they also can sell content after people buy the tablets. They control the iTunes eco system. If you buy something from iTunes or the App Store, they get a cut. They would by far make up for the extra that they didn’t make by selling the tablet for more expensive. Android has the Market, thats it.

Amazon has an App Store. (Assuming they use honeycomb) Amazon has a movie rental service. Amazon has an MP3 download service. Sound like Apple and the iTunes/App Store? I think Amazon has been setting themselves up perfect. They could sell the tablet cheap, and make up for it in media sales. They could bake all of this into honeycomb and make it a great experience. iOS is easy, this could make all of your media integration easy too!

Normally companies have to go through Google and get approved for the Market. Amazon could bring control away from Google, because they can simply use their own App Store. A lot of Chinese companies are doing this.

I have an iPad, but I would love this tablet. I see it as being a TRUE competitor to the iPad. I know people say that about every new tablet that comes out, but what company can bake in all these features?

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