Samsung’s Flexible Phone At CES 2013 Hints At An Exciting Future For Smartphones

A few exciting things happened at CES this year with gaming stealing most of the headlines. One can’t forget some of the unexpected hardware manufactures like Huawei releasing some really great smartphones either and of course the bigger and curvier Smart TVs being unveiled by the likes of Panasonic and Samsung.

A smartphone hiding in the shadows at CES, is the Samsung ‘Youm’. The anticipated smartphone which can bend. The first thing you’ll notice if you see the device, is that it’s iconically Samsung. It is around 5 inches, just a tiny bit bigger than the Samsung Galaxy S3 (4.8”). It uses OLED, which is just perfect for a flexible phone, because of the un-breakable bendy plastic it uses instead of glass. The OLED display is already used in current Galaxy S phones made by Samsung, although it uses glass, and not plastic like the Youm.

The Samsung Youm is able to bend around itself, you can even supposedly roll it up, and the display is also made so that if the screen is bent  you can still see your alerts and notifications, they won’t be blocked by any part of the screen bending over itself!

Samsung Youm

At the same Samsung address, a new processor was released, which will more than likely appear in the Samsung Youm, as well as other upcoming Samsung phones. The processor is called the ‘Exynos 5 Octa’ and has 8 cores which will offer, according to Stephen Woo, a “level of pure processing power never before seen in a mobile device.” He also mentioned how it would be ideal for heavy duty multitasking and for streaming HD movies. To give you an idea of how potentially powerful this could be, the iPhone 5 has a Dual Core processor, and the recently introduced iPad 4 has a Quad Core processor. This new processor from Samsung also is said to consume two times less power, using ARM’s ‘Big.Little’ project.

Although the Youm seems like a potential smartphone, no price tags or release dates have been mentioned, and the Youm is more of a concept to show off rather than an actual phone to challenge the likes of Apple with. I can almost guarantee the Youm will not be out in 2013.

Just to let you know, I’m Fred and I’m a new writer to iJailbreak, so you’ll be seeing me writing some more posts soon.

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  • David Margolin

    Hi Fred :)
    Just wanted to point out that even though samsungs processor has eight cores, it can only use 4 at a time…
    Similar to the tegra 3’s 4+1 scheme… the tegra three uses a low power single core processor for those simple processes and then powers on the big gun quad core for those large gaming needs…
    So the octa can only use four at a time which is still great but i dont see the point of having two quad cores…

  • Johannes Mertens

    You’re right. Calling this SoC “OctaCore” is wrong, because it uses to seperated Quadcore Chips. You can’t just call it Octacore, because All in all there are 8 Cores. Also the 4th Generation iPad does NOT have a Quad Core SoC. A6X is still Dual Core..

  • David Margolin

    i wanna know what the brains behind it are… how would switching between two quad core processors help performance in any way? are both quad cores diff? Does one use less power?

  • xfrostx

    I hate to break it to you but youm is not a phone. it is the name of their flexible display.

  • Fred Hill

    Bear in mind – I did say it was a concept ;)

  • Fred

    Thanks, for pointing that out :) Samsung do brand it as an Octa Core though so that’s quite misleading, hope they won’t use it for future product branding!

  • Fred Hill

    *later on I said that at the end, Samsung gave developers attending a whole phone with the Youm technology, built to be the ‘Samsung Youm’ so if I referred to an actual smartphone, I will have meant he device they gave to devs

  • Johannes Mertens

    One of the Two Quadcores Needs significantly less power and is clocked at much lower Speeds. The Other One will likely be really fast.