Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Round, First Smartphone With Curved Display

Samsung has unveiled the first smartphone with a curved OLED display yesterday called the Galaxy Round. It has a 5.7-inch 1080p screen, which is the same size as the Galaxy Note 3’s screen, but  curves on the vertical axis in a similar fashion to some of Samsung’s OLED TVs.

At this point there is little benefit behind the curved screen of the Galaxy Round. The Verge explains:

The potential benefit of this screen technology isn’t quite clear yet, but Samsung is touting a new feature called “Round Interaction,” which allows you to look at information such as missed calls, battery life, and the date and time when you tilt it on a flat surface with the screen off. Samsung also claims that switching between home screens will feel like one continuous transition, and has worked on new tilt- and tap-based interactions for the music and photos apps.

A lot of people are going as far to say as the curved screen is simply a gimmick and it is hard to argue otherwise. In my opinion this was a “look what we can do” smartphone and I doubt it will make an international appearance.

Galaxy Round

Besides the fact that it has a curved screen though, it does have some impressive specs. It is 7.9mm thick, weighs 154g and has a 2800mAh battery. It runs Android 4.3, with 3GB of RAM, a 2.3GHz quad-core processor and a 13-megapixel camera.

It will go on sale today in South Korea for approximately 1.09 million won (about $1,013) in Luxury Brown.

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  • macaddict2007

    Oh brother. THAT’s a feature? Now if it were a very thin true OLED film capable of telephony, then we’d have something. I suspect we will in the next few years, but we’re not there yet. About as useful as bumping phones to share a playlist. YAWN…

  • guyb

    “Samsung Unveils The Galaxy Round, First Smartphone With Curved Display”

    The world asks “why?”

  • Alexxeon

    Doing something just because the technology is available isn’t always a good idea.

    I prefer apples approach to things, the user experience comes first and then work backwards to the technology.

  • Glenn Lind

    Not really interested, however I suspect it would be harder to scratch the screen dropping it as long as the edges are tough.

  • Glenn Lind

    I don’t think the user experience comes first in Apple’s realm. Instead what comes first is Apple saying you need this, irregardless of what people in reviews, forums, and social media are asking for.

    A good instance of this are simple tasks that took years for Apple to come out with. Like the ability to reject calls with a text message. It was available on droid for 3 years before hitting iOS.

    Larger phones, aka phablets people have been leaving iOS for other devices, again not because the technology hasn’t matured, but because Apple hasn’t willed it.