Samsung UNPACKED Trailer Hints Waterproof Body, Slow Motion Camera And More For Galaxy S5

Samsung will be holding its Unpacked 5 media event on Tuesday, February 25th at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) where it has been widely rumored that it will release the Samsung Galaxy S5 to take on the iPhone 5s.

Now the Korean company has just released a new trailer on its official websites which confirms the Galaxy S5 will be the star of the event. Android Beat explains:

The video is a series of photos overlaid with different words with a number “5″ exponent. From what we can glean, there seems to be confirmation to the waterproof rumors with “wet5″, the kid mode with “dad5″ and “family5″, and there might be hints at an all improved camera and processor with “focus5″ and “speed5″.

Oddly, there doesn’t seem to be any clue for the much-hyped fingerprint functionality. The video, however, ignites new questions with its “selfie5″. Will the Galaxy S5 have a high-resolution front camera? Has the selfie caught on so much that Samsung decided to put an emphasis on it?

With that said Samsung wouldn’t want to give away all its surprises in a teaser video, would it?

There is also a clip in the trailer that suggests it could come with a slow motion camera just like the iPhone 5s.

The Galaxy S5 has long been rumored to sport an all-new casing, an improved user interface and may come with both a plastic and metal casing. It is also expected it will come with some form of biometric security like a fingerprint reader or even a retina scanner.

It’s no question that when the Galaxy S5 comes out it will beat the iPhone 5s in terms of raw power / specs. The question is can it match the iPhone 5s’ user experience?

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  • Boss

    Please stop comparing very good phones to Iphone 5s. Iphone IS a useless phone compared to these phones. You can’t even compare the iphone 5 to Samsung galaxy S4, talkless of comparing it to the galaxy S5. Pleasssssssseee. Tired of seeing many different overly-patriotic Americans simply propping up the iphone 5s when comparing them to other obviously better phones. Use facts to determine the better phone, not cheap patriotic sentiments.

  • Vinny

    Lol you have no idea what you are talking about. That combined with your ‘hate-apple’-bias, just renders your response totally immature an uncreditable.

  • Dani Hayes

    Are you talking about when the iPhone beats out competitors in benchmark test facts or personal preference facts??