Samsung Promises Foldable Tablets And 4k Smartphones By 2015 [Video]

When can you expect to have a flexible and bendable smartphone screen?

Samsung seems to think it will be in the not so distant future, in fact it could be as soon as 2015. The Korean company has recently released a hysterically douchetastic concept video to promote foldable Galaxy tablets.

According to Cult Of Mac Samsung spoke at Samsung Analyst day this week and stated “it would bring fully-foldable screens with twice as many pixels to market sometime in 2015, and find its way not only into phones and tablets, but into wearable tech like the Galaxy Gear.”

In case this wasn’t futuristic enough for you Samsung also promised 4K resolutions in 5.2-inch devices by 2015, which for those of you who don’t know is a resolution of 3840 x 2160.

Although this may seem a little far fetched Samsung definitely has the chops to pull this off. The company is usually early to market revolutionary technology before it is available mainstream… arguably before the kinks have been worked out mind you.

So I really doubt that this technology will see mainstream adoption in 2015, but I definitely think Samsung will at the minimum demo the technology if not release it in limited markets like it has done in the past with certain smartphones/tablets.

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  • Joshua Jones Makaveli

    They cant make those stuff the least they can bend it like 180 degrees thats it.

  • Brian Dodd

    If you haven’t Realised yet. Anything is possible. All it takes is time to make it happen