Samsung Galaxy S5 May Feature A Fingerprint Sensor Instead Of Iris Scanner

Since Apple released the iPhone 5S the ball has essentially been dropped in Samsung’s court. It can now see what features Apple has implemented in the iPhone 5S and try to top it. Two of the flagship features of the iPhone 5S are its 64-bit chip and fingerprint scanner.


Rather than implementing a fingerprint scanner, however, Samsung has been rumored to be looking into an Iris scanner. According to a recent report from The Korea Herald though the Iris scanner is now being downplayed in favor of fingerprint scanning technology. Samsung is said to have been testing biometric scanners, but ultimately considered Iris to be an “unintuitive” one.

Just imagine getting your eye close to the front of the device every time you want to unlock it. Now imaging doing so in a dark room, cinema or when you’re wearing sunglasses. Such a scanner will also involve placing a new, long-range, camera module inside the device – either one for selfies and one for scanning or a more elaborate one for both tasks.

Another reason for not implementing an Iris scanner has to do with the fact a separate, long-range camera module, that would be required which would make the device more bulky.

Other than biometric security the Galaxy S5 is expected to feature a 2k display, a 16MP camera and a 64-bit eight-core Exynos processor. It would certainly shape up to be a powerhouse.

Hopefully Samsung actually gets the hint this time around people don’t want a cheap plastic backplate.

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  • Common Sense

    but android is a 32 bit os? what good would a 64 bit chip do shamesung?

  • Mark

    Samsung is only about copying… if Apple has it, they got to have it as well.

  • Guest

    You go Sammy :) Android FTW. Burn haters.