The Samsung Galaxy S III Could Commit Suicide At Any Time, ‘Sudden Death’ Of The Mainboard Being Reported

The Galaxy S III is probably the closest iPhone competitor to date and actually has a lot of people raving about it. Out the people I know who have Galaxy S III’s, I have heard mixed reviews, but nevertheless it is arguably the best Android handset available.

It looks like the Galaxy S III may have just encountered a setback however. Android Authority has reported that Galaxy S III users are experiencing a strange glitch that forces your phone to turn off without reason and then it will not turn back on. Don’t just take Android Authority’s word for it  though, there is over 150 comments on a Reddit post and over 601 posts on a thread in the XDA-developer forum about the “Sudden death of the Galaxy S III.”

Are you sure about that Samsung?

A Reddit user by the name of Turtle Recall has summarized the problem on Reddit.

The XDA thread has 56 pages (so far) [at the time of his comment] of people whose mainboards have suddenly died. The devices seem to last between 150 and 200 days before failing. Samsung are replacing them under warranty whether or not people have rooted the devices or installed non-standard firmware.

There’s speculation that the NAND is becoming corrupted and failing. Worryingly, Samsung are replacing the mainboards with the same revision so this may just be putting the problem off for another 6 months or so.

It happened to my S3 last week and I’ve never rooted or installed anything other than the official 3UK Samsung firmware, first ICS then JB. Samsung haven’t officially acknowledged that there’s an issue, but both the guy I spoke to in the authorised repair centre and the chap in the Samsung warranty call centre have said they’ve seen this issue a lot lately.

Tl;Dr – S3 mainboards dying for no reason, Samsung replacing mainboards for free, but no new hardware revision so it might just happen again.

At this time it is not known just how widespread this problem is, but by the sounds of all the attention both the Reddit post and forum thread are getting, it is safe to say it is not just an isolated issue affecting a few people.

The Galaxy S III is not the only phone to experience some problems. Other smartphones such as the iPhone have encountered hiccups such as AntennaGate and ScratchGate, but the sudden death of the phone is definitely at the top of the list.

We are curious to know if any of you have experienced this same issue. If you have, let us know in the comments section below.

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  • NP

    I bet all that had the problem can’t comment cause they only come to this sight using their precious SGS3

  • Vlab

    I’m running a cellphone repair shop in Israel and we get S3 from all over the world,I can say we recive up to 5 phones with this problem every day.

  • JadenEllett

    Thanks for the confirmation, this definitely adds credibility to the report.

  • Randell Alderson

    too bad should’ve bought an apple iphone atleast apple will fix it good luck getting any customer service outta Samsung

  • Reb00t

    My GS3 died last day. tried everything friends batteri and so on. Nothing happens. Got it rooted.. Fuck samsung :) I got a iphone 5 as reserve so np problem

  • Alu Zeros

    Go figure, i bought a 42″ samsung led tv for $3200 and two years later board went out, fixing it costs as much as buying a new led tv now for around $700. Not impressed with customer service replacement of samsung products.

  • jeff kaczor

    You retards below making up stories. Sorry my gs works perfect no problems with anythingm this is all fake reports. Its apple trying to make rumers and how low can you get trying to spred crap. Lol yeah all the phones are just dieing on the 200tj day you dumb idiots. Yeah it has a clock and tells the phone to die in 200 days you dumb asses. Get a life. I tallked to samsung and they have no clue what your all talking sbout they said they have no phones dieing. And me and over 10 of my friends have no problems so just to let you dumb low life loosers i can report there is no such problems its apple low life idiots try to spread rumers. How low can you ppl get.

  • jeff kaczor

    Fuck off you dont even have a GS3 you cant aford one. You still have the apple iphone3. You loser get a fucking life. Im on my gs3 and there are no problems. Ive had my phone the first day it came out. Never any problems. You fucking low liife looser.

  • jeff kaczor

    Im here on my gs3 had ot for over 9 months never a problem. This is all fake rumers. No phones are dieing you must be a little kid if you beleave all that bull shit. Your one dumb mother fucker

  • deborinquen

    Does you Samsung come with spell check?

  • Lic John

    So how many of them are problem from millions of users? I doubt somebody try to take down GS3 reputation badly

  • Insii

    I do have some problem like crushing mainboard but it fixes itself

  • Cernan

    I have worked for Apple and been part of the denail of FNU units.Iphones fail out of the box frequently so dont judge Samsung,at least they assist try Apple when you receive a DOA unit

  • Katzie

    wow, I am having the same problem with galaxy note 2 although it has a different processor!!!!!!!

  • FS

    My S3 died as said in the articlee problem is it doesn’t have warranty as I bought the GT-i9300 factory unlocked in the US. Called Samsung and they told me to call Samsung UK as they do not support that model in the US. I then called Samsung UK and was told they do not support the warranty as it was bought in the US, leaving my ohone with no warranty and charged $450 usd to repkace the motherboard!!! or else $700 usd I paid for it go into the trash!!!

  • Candice Randall

    It happened to me when I first got my S3. mad it took a week and a few replies to a post I made on XDA to work out the phone just needed a system reboot. I’ve heard of it happening a few times now but no-one had heard of the issue a few months back. I had to remove the battery first before ‘re-switching obey the phone but I’ve had no issues since the initial reboot and I didn’t. have to succumb to ‘no-phone’ syndrome to fix the problem.

  • Big4mer

    This is actually serious people my personal experience begins when the sgh-I747 GARNETT RED got realesed for at&t shortly after getting it it was acting weird not responding and telling me that some of the preloaded app were not working so I went back to the store since it hadn’t been 30 days they gladly gave me a new one. That all happen in july so in the beginning of October my phone started doing the ramdon death thing until one day it showed me a notification saying low on memory so I decided to delete some app keep in mind I only had about 8 apps downloaded dats nothing compared to my gs1 having about 20 downloaded apps so it was kind of weird ssuddenly I try taking a pic it would let me open the camera at all or save a new contact any app that needed to be updated also wouldn’t open so i went to at&t they said call Samsung I didn’t they had no answer to the problem but to send my phone in for testing that option would leave me phone less for a month. I had to buy a 64. Gb microsd.. once I received the jellybean update the memory issue disappear but the sudden death still happens random …

  • Nearly

    Oh yes. Just got mine back and I have had it just over 6 months. I’m trying to find out what they did to it, but it is much faster now.

  • Jez

    Just got my phone back from repair after the motherboard died for no reason. So yes it’s true

  • Muhammad Ifwan

    Me too facing the same prob. And its happened after i spend 6month wif my s3 n suddenly my phone shuts n nvr switch on again. Ive just get back my s3 after a week at samsung centre clinic and they inform they’ve change the mainboard. They advise me to use ori car charger. But i dont hv any car charger. I really hope this will not occur after another 6month ahead, or else ive just need to trade in wif note2

  • Adam Markon

    Alright. Let’s review:

    1. @dbe9aadfe2ec3b2bde0eb1c1958be5d4:disqus is right. *anything, not anythingm **Apple, not apple ***rumors, not rumers ****Yeah, not Lol yeah *****dying, not dieing ******200th, not 200tj *******Samsung, not samsung ********you’re, not your *********losers, not loosers **********there are, not there is ***********The rumers thing again, jeez. ************people, not ppl.

    2. Well that was fun. Next learn comma usage.

    3. On to the real stuff. If you read the article, it says that users are reporting the problem, but Samsung has yet to acknowledge it. This is typical. Usually companies won’t acknowledge a problem until they have a fix because they don’t want to have to tell people they don’t know how to solve a problem.

    4. No one said “exactly on the 200th day all of the phones are dying,” its just that the problem tends to occur within the range of 150 to 200 days of use. Obviously some will be earlier, some will be later, but in general that is the range of acceptable dates.

    5. OH MAN! OVER ***TEN*** FRIENDS!!! That’s like, what, .0001% of their users? It’s really cool that you can make a scientific conclusion with a sample size of 10. You should hit up cancer researchers with that method, because they are really struggling with stuff like that. Did you ever think that you got lucky and chose 11 phones that will have the problem later rather than sooner?

    6. Yup. the 60+ pages of reddit users reporting that their phones died is probably all a giant scheme to…make Samsung replace the motherboards and gain customer loyalty. That makes sense.

    Well, I hope you have a wonderful day. Adios!

  • Vikram Maniram Gautam

    Faced the same issue … sudden death for no reason whatsoever, motherboard changed, repaired, and now SOLD for an iphone 5