Samsung Teases Fans With Countdown Timer – Is This The Galaxy S III?

The Samsung Galaxy S III is probably the most anticipated upcoming Android Phone. Samsung has had issues creating a buzz for releases in the past but they got it right with the S II and Galaxy Nexus campaigns. And now the company is building excitement by teasing us with a mysterious countdown timer…

Samsung Galaxy S III Countdown Timer

Samsung posted a status on Facebook that reads “Destination: tgeltaayehxnx.” Re-ordering the letters will come up with “The Next Galaxy,” so is this what we’ve all been waiting for? If you head over to you’ll see a Samsung mobile site that says “Coming Soon. You can take the next step in:” followed by a countdown timer. The timer ends at around 7a.m. Eastern time.

The company has done an amazing job keeping details sealed tight, which has led to even more anticipation. The company sent out invitations for an event on May 3rd so many assumed that the handset would be announced then. But with this new mystery page, it looks like we might see it very very soon.

We’ll keep you posted as we learn more info. Stay tuned!

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