Samsung Galaxy Note To Arrive On Verizon As Galaxy Journal In The U.S [Rumor]

We told you last month that Samsung would be finally launching the massive Galaxy Note in the United States this year, 2012. The Samsung Galaxy Note is certainly an eye-grabber, with its huge 5.3 inch AMOLED display (1280×800), 1.4GHz dual-core processor and the sheer size. It’s kind of between being called as a mobile phone and a tablet, because that’s too big to be just a phone.

AT&T announced that they will be bringing the Galaxy Note to the US, but no other carrier company mentioned anything about the Note. However, a new rumor states that both Verizon and Sprint will be bringing the Note to the United States soon. According to Industry analyst Paul Mueller, Verizon and Sprint will rename the device as Galaxy Journal. But, this is just another rumor, which the analyst says will definitely happen. It is also possible to turn the Galaxy Note into a CDMA device, so as it can be used on Verizon’s super fast 4G network.

It would be great if this actually happened, because many are waiting for this device to hit U.S shores. Although, the Note is a huge phone, it certainly is good and fast. Love to watch movies on your mobile device, reading? Get yourself the Galaxy Note and you will be happy. So, who’s waiting for the Note or Journal to launch on Verizon and Sprint. Any buyers?

[Via Examiner]

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  • Hizzy246

    I want this phone ASAP. I don’t want to switch from sprint to get it but I really don’t want to wait forever

  • Maureen Sheridan

    Yes! I want this phone on Verizon. I have yet to make the jump to a smartphone, as I’m still very attached to my (now obsolete) Palm Tungsten E2, and my LG vx8300 still works great! I’ve been waiting for a device just like the Galaxy Note, and am not inclined to switch carriers to get it. It’s Verizon or nothing. This device bridges the gap nicely, giving me the stylus I’m used to and a size I’m comfortable with. I’ll still miss my StarTrek-like “Flip Phone”, I’m sure, but if I can get the Galaxy Note, I don’t imagine it’ll be too long before I adjust. :)

  • Lsfd213

    Anxiously waiting and holding my upgrade for Verizon to pick up the Galaxy Journal!

  • guest

    I am in the same boat as Lsfd213, I have an upgrade available and do not want to switch to another carrier and lose the benefits i get from verizon. Let’s go Verizon, give me the Note/Journal!

  • Jr_wray

    For sure I want the tablet/phone hybrid to come to Sprint now! My contact expires in July, so I am ready so bring it forward!