Samsung Galaxy Note Is Coming To The US In 2012

The Galaxy Note has been one of those phones that either you love it with all your heart, or you loathe it entirely. With its massive 5.3 inches of beautiful screen space, it is not a small phone by any measurement. With a screen size of that proportion, it occupies an odd space, between majority of other phones in the roughly 4 inch screen size, and the 7 inch tablets. This is one reason why some people love it so much.

As The Verge has announced, Samsung has reached the one-millionth Galaxy Note shipped milestone, without any U.S. destined devices, is a great benchmark for a U.S. release. Thankfully, Samsung agrees, and has confirmed that the Samsung Galaxy Note will be coming to the United States in 2012. This is great news for anyone wanting to get a hold of this beast, but just like Samsung is known for, there was no mention as to when in 2012 the phone may reach our shores.

Would you like having a phone that has a 5.3 inches of screen-space, or do you think that it is a little too big? Share with us your opinions in the comments below.

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  • Funny

    seems a phone with obese

  • Intocad

    I have been waiting for this to come to the US since I seen it at the Electonic shows in overseas. I wonder why the US releases are so far behind all the others….anyway, Im getting one, dumping my Sprint service. (ready to dump Sprint for a rotary ial pqhone). I was hoping for Verizon to pick this beast up, but will give AT&T a try.

  • Viki Katrivanos

    grrrrr just bring it here. :)

  • Kenwedig

    Its what I have been looking for. Been waiting for 2 years at least.

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