Galaxy Note 8.0 Revealed, A Direct Competitor To Apple’s iPad Mini

Samsung has confirmed its new 8-inch Galaxy Note. The long-rumored Samsung Galaxy Note 8 looks remarkably similar to the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and the S III. There was even a recent photo leak from DDay, an Italian site, which claimed that it would feature a 16:10 1280 x 800 screen resolution, similar to the iPad Mini’s.

The site was correct about the display, and the device packs a 1.6 GHz quad-core processor and 2GB RAM. It also comes with an S-Pen, which is standard for all Note devices. Upon its release, the new device will run Android 4.1.2 Jellybean. Air View and handwriting functions are included, although a new feature comes in its ‘e-reader mode’, which dims the screen to make it easier to read on.

Galaxy Note 8

Whereas the Note 10.1 featured dual-screen compatibility with only 6 apps, this new Note 8 can dual-screen with many more, allowing better multi-tasking.

The Note’s 8-inch screen puts it directly in competition with the iPad Mini, which has a good size, weight, and the wealth of apps with the Apple App Store. Although the Note 8 seems to succeed in both the former categories, it is still reliant on the Play Store for apps, and despite its improvement every day, I still don’t feel that it properly competes with the Apple App Store.

Also present in the Note 8 is a 5MP rear-facing camera, as well as a 2MP front-facing camera. Those who worry about low battery life out will be pleased to hear about its 4600mAh battery, which means it will probably be fine for a couple of days of medium usage.

Two as-yet unknowns are its exact price and release date. It will most likely be released sometime this spring, and the price will probably be lower than the $329 iPad Mini.

The reason Samsung confirmed this device just before MWC is that photos of it had been snapped in Barcelona, where the Note 8 was displayed at the Samsung stand. It was even featured on the big screen!

Samsung stall at MWC 2013 with Note 8

Will you be buying a Samsung Galaxy Note 8? Let us know and why (or why not) in the comments.

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