Samsung Wants To Bring Flexible Displays To Market In First Half Of 2013

It looking like the holy grail of OLED technology might finally be within arm’s reach for Samsung. Since way back in the mid 2000’s, when Sony was spearheading the OLED development process, we’ve been hearing about how OLED displays are thin enough that you could print them on a plastic film and have a completely flexible display assembly. Sony, Samsung, and LG have all presented flexible display prototypes that utilize the technology, but none of them have been able to manufacture them in large enough quantities for use in a commercial product.

Samsung Flexible Displays

According to a Wall Street Journal report, that’s all about to change. Samsung has redoubled their efforts to bring the technology to market, and they say they’ll be able to do so in the first half of next year. Their reasons for doing so, besides the fact that it will be really cool, are mostly about production cost. Current smartphone use glass screen for the most part, and Samsung believe they’ll be able to bring down their production costs if they can reliably make smartphone displays out of plastic. Of course, plastic displays will also be much more durable, and less prone to shattering.

Samsung is hoping to be the first company to bring the technology to market, and it looks like they won’t have too much competition on that front. Sony has bigger things to worry about as a company right now, LG wasn’t said a word about flexible displays in quite some time…and Samsung’s biggest competitor in the smartphone market – Apple – hasn’t even started using OLED displays in their devices yet.

At this point, we still don’t know what actual commercial products the flexible displays might show up in next year. The most obvious candidate would be the Galaxy S4, which we still haven’t heard any hard details on.

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