Samsung Finally Announces Their Plan For Ice Cream Sandwich Updates

While many other companies, including Sony and HTC, have already announced their initial plans for what devices are going to receive the bump up to Android 4.0, Ice Cream Sandwich, and finally it looks like Samsung has joined in too. Through Samsung’s official global blog, they have announced what devices will be receiving the update as early as Q1 2012:

  • Galaxy S II (including AT&T LTE version)
  • Galaxy Note
  • Galaxy R
  • Tab 7.0 Plus
  • Tab 7.7
  • Tab 8.9
  • Tab 10.1

The first device that will be awarded with this lovely update will be the Samsung Galaxy S II and the Galaxy Note in Q1 2012. All of the other devices mentioned above fall in the dark zone of “soon follow.” Now my concept of soon and Samsung’s are probably different but lets hope that it is 1 or 2 months later.

As with other phones or devices, it may be a sad story for you. It isn’t looking like any device not listed on this list will receive the update to Android 4.0, this includes devices such as the Infuse, Galaxy S 4G, DROID Charge, and the Stratosphere 4G LTE.

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  • Imran Sajan

    Good Newz

  • Anonymous

    The continuing lack of love for the Samsung Infuse 4G is strengthening my resolve to buy nothing Samsung.

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  • Kfcmj14

    This is BS! I Just got the stratosphere ! Ugh im gettin an iphone forget android !

  • Above the Rest

    Sure have the apples and we will eat them lol android ftw

  • Smartperson

    Why doesn’t Samsung pick it up the Infuse 4G is easily the best android out there as fast a hardware but they are lacking on the software side

  • Lhuff1976

    wow i am glad i spent $200 a pile of no updating crap!

  • GoogleGuy

    I am getting tired of the junk these phone makers and mobile providers are doing to the android ecosystem.  No ICS for the samsung devices unless you bought a new 300 – 400 dollar phone.  Bloatware from the mobile providers.  All these items add up to a crappy android ecosystem.
    Google please jump in and get your name and reputation back.

  • Jack

    Whats the enimity with infuse

  • DaddyG

    Exactly what I was thinking. I used to buy many Samsung products, but if a company doesn’t care about you, then…. look elsewhere.

  • Thetruth

    Galaxy 2 but not infuse? Its like they are deliberately leaving us out….?

  • DrkLord

    i agree with everyone WTF the infuse ftw

  • Pete0726

    If you have rooted your infuse, you can still install ICS. Keep checking XDA for a ported version. I have 2 infuses and a skyrocket. I can wait on the vanilla OTA release from samsung, then install the ported CM9 on my two infuses. Thats what makes android better than the iphone.

  • Max

    Isn’t the whole point of me spending 200$ on my phone on black friday, so that I could get ICS? Droid Charge is feeling little to no love.. :(

  • Douglaswhisenant

    what the hell i just got the stratosphere yesterday :(

  • Nguyen2007

    how to update ice cream on infuse

  • DSlapp

    I had an iphone 2g, shortly after there were no new OS releases and I couldn’t run newer programs.  I get an iphone 3g, same routine.  I get an iphone 3gs, the logic board gets and issue.  I am done with iphone and on andriod.  I just wish andriods had better battery life.  I have an LG optimus-t, a Samsung infuse, and a Samsung Galaxy S2. 

  • azwildcat99

    I’m an Android guy, but I have some envy for the Apple OS updates. Most iPhones got updates for 2+ yrs if not close to 3.  You must be buying your devices when they are way old.  On the android front we’re lucky to get an update on a device that is less than a year old as most/if not all of these phones are. 

  • Kery2232

    dumb as hell 

  • Torrysmith24

    what the hell the stratosphere where they do that at this is some stuff here i would like to know why i cant get what dose the thundbolt have that i dont then it is a older phone too someone need to do better than that

  • Torrysmith24

    so true what is the other phone got that we dont

  • Lola1220101

    Never buying a samsung phone ever again.

  • Tiberian_Fiend

    Sucks to be stuck with the Infuse until June 2013. :-(

  • Ghtgfc

     the fact you have to web crawl around to get a freaking buggy update for your phone that will void its warranty is somehow better than getting an official release from the company supporting the product???

    uhhh, okay…


    Well, i’m never buying another Samsung device again. I’ve had so many problems with my charge with little to no support. now a new os comes out that might actually resolve my problems and they don’t even release it on a phone that needs it. Going back to Motorola ASAP!


  • Jasondellinger86

    I got an atrix4g i get my update ics version q3 2012 this is sweet cuz this phonesolder than the infuse that my wife has and gets newer shit…my advice for you android guys out there.stick with Motorola google owns em now! Yeehaww!

  • Balls McGee

    actually infuse 4g will be getting an ICS update

  • zoomzoomer

    Can you please back up this information with some proof?