Is Rooting For You?

Hey Guys! is new to Android and Android News, so I thought I would do a overview of what rooting is. If you know what jailbreaking is, you know rooting is. They are the same exact thing. In Technical Terms: Jailbreaking (or Rooting) is gaining super-user permissions and root access to your device. This is what the words rooting and jailbreaking can be used interchangeably. For those of you who don’t know what that is, or are not familiar with linux, its basically just opening up your device to new apps/themes/tweaks that your manufacturer doesn’t include out of the box.

All rooting is done via an exploit or vulnerability in the Android System. The developers of the root methods find a bug in the System, and use it to upload the root files. There are so many android handsets, running different versions that it would be impossible to have one tool to root them all. There are several popular ones like Unrevoked, z4root and gingerbreak that try their best to root as many devices as possible. The best way to find out how to root your device is to simply google “Your Device, Android Version, root” Almost all phones will have a root method, so no worries there.

So what can you do once you are rooted? What are the pros and cons? If you are reading on this site, I’m guessing you’re the kind of person who likes to get the most out of their device. These are the kind of people that will benefit from rooting. Once you are rooted you can get apps to overclock your device, browse ALL of the files on your device, or even a free Wi-Fi Tether. The Wi-Fi tether was the main reason I rooted ;)

What about the cons? What horrible consequences come with rooting? Very little actually. The biggest of course, is voiding some, NOT ALL, warranties. Check yours out to see if rooting voids it. It is also not as simple to un-root as it should be. A lot of times you will have to un-root from a command line.

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