Google’s Evolution of Search In Six Minutes [VIDEO]

Google has come a long way with their search engine. From the small changes they do every so often, to large new additions such as search by image or voice. This newest video takes as back in time to the very beginning of Google, before Adwords, AdSense, Chromebooks, Android and Street view to the understanding of the progression of the search engine. We use Google Search a tremendous amount, be it on our computers, tablets, phones, or even other devices such as ebook readers. We continually come back to the search engine because it provides us with the best results in the quickest and most meaningful manner available. Sorry Bing.

One thing I did notice in their Launch Committee meeting you notice how many people are using Apple laptops? Let’s go back and count. Yup I see 14 people using Macs. No Chromebooks at the time of filming? As with anything over time, it will only become stronger, better and more accurate which is a great thing to think of.

What device do you use Google Search on most? Your phone, tablet or computer? Tell us in the comments below.

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