Google Reveals Its Project Glass [VIDEO]

We have seen futuristic HUDs  before, mainly in movies and cartoons, but never have we seen a usable pair actually developed. A pair small enough to look like fairly normal glasses, yet have so much functionality built into them. Well as we have mentioned before in the super secret Google X offices, they have been working on just that technology.

Well today they have released a video and a Google+ Page just showing off this technology right now. A select few individuals have tested these glasses out and so far find them surprisingly unobtrusive. I will have to admit, after watching the video, the glasses do actually seem fairly stylish for such a huge leap in technology. A video showcasing these glasses can be found below:

So after seeing what Google has planned for these amazing glasses, and the look of them, would you ever want to have something like this? What other features would you like to see in these glasses down the road? I personally would love to see more sharing options, and integration of banking services all into one convenient heads up display. Share your comments with us in the section below.

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  • Arslanahmed41

    man i just want those !!!!!!!

  • Zwabbit

    don’t’ know how ready I am for this, kinda feel you start to loose yourself and we become a walking computer.  And with the laws that are being passed (call me paranoid) with a gadget like this the government would know even when your going to the wash-room. :) phun intended. 

  • Guest

    If I can get some crosshairs and a health meter, Google can take all my money.