Have You Been Invited To The Google “These Go To Eleven” Event On November 16th?

Google has released an announcement for their next upcoming event that will happen on November 16th, 2011. While I unfortunately have not received my invitation yet (It must be just lost in the mail) many people have received these teaser invitations to their event. Dubbed “These Go To Eleven” Google seems to be making a reference to the old 1984 film, This is Spinal Tap where the movie revolves around the story of the arguably loudest rock band in the world. The eleven part refers to the band’s amp, which instead of going to the maximum of ten, can reach eleven.

This suggestive music related headline seems to be pointing in one direction, the Google Music Store. Google has already released their cloud-syncing music platform called Google Music earlier this year. The only downfall to this platform was that you had to upload your own music. Not everyone enjoys that, especially if you purchase your music from iTunes primarily. With the Google Music Store we would see the same features as the iTunes store has (hopefully without the failure that is Ping) with the added ability to be accessed on Android Devices. As you can see in faint type, there is the T-Mobile logo on the wall of the building, is this a clever way to disguise what will come in this event or is this just an old building? We will see on the 16th!

For everyone else whose invites are also stuck or lost in the mail (as I am sure mine must be) you can watch the event live on Android’s Youtube Channel, which can be accessed right here.

[Via Phandroid]

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