Rumor: Samsung Plans To Announce The Galaxy S IV In April, Codenamed ‘Project J’

With all the Apple gadgets we could possibly have expected this year now hitting the market, the rumor mill is switching gears, and we’re starting to hear more and more about a possible successor to the Galaxy S III. We’ve already heard some possible specs for a rumored Galaxy S IV, which include a big, Full HD screen similar to the one in the new Droid DNA. Now, SamMobile has more details on something called Project J, which they think is the Samsung code name for the next generation of Galaxy S devices.

According to SamMobile’s “insider” source, Project J is what Samsung is calling the Galaxy S IV while it’s in development. What’s more, the source says that Samsung plans to announce the new device in April. None of the rumored specs could be confirmed or denied by this supposed insider, however, so we’re still pretty uncertain about the specs of the next-gen Android flagship.

Samsung Galaxy IV Concept

A Concept Of The Samsung Galaxy IV

Also included in the rumors from this Samsung insider were two other tidbits of non-Galaxy S IV-related news: The first thing is that Samsung is planning on introducing a lower-spec, lower-cost version of the Galaxy Note II for European markets, so that they can have an entry-level, 5-inch screen device in their lineup. The other bit of news was that Samsung is apparently working on a competitor to the ASUS Transformer; a 13-inch tablet with an optional QWERTY keyboard attachment, which allows it to transform (see what they did there?) from a tablet into a netbook.

All told, it’s looking like Samsung has plenty of new gadgetry up their sleeve for 2013 – and they should, given the ridiculous amount of money they made off mobile devices in 2012. In addition to the new flagship Galaxy S IV, which is the one everyone is paying attention to, Samsung will also probably announce all sorts of strange niche devices like the Galaxy Beam from earlier this year. Nobody else is going to do wacky stuff like put a tiny projector in a smartphone, but we’re pretty sure Samsung will hold down the fort on that front.

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