Mozilla Bringing Something “BIG” To Firefox For Android Next Week

For all of you Firefox fans out there with an Android smartphone, you may have a big surprise coming to you sometime next week. On Friday, Mozilla tweeted that something BIG would be coming to their Firefox Android users. The tweet includes a picture of an unbranded smartphone with the Android logo waving behind it. On the screen of the smartphone is the Firefox logo, with the words “Fast. Smart. Safe.” next to it.

So what exactly does all of this mean? Well, we’re guessing it has something to do with all of the recent hype about the Dolphin HD web browser update that was released earlier this week. The competitor dominated benchmark scores getting as high as 450 in one HTML5 benchmark test, while Firefox only scored 325. Mozilla will surely fire back with a new improved browser of their own.

However, only time will tell. We’re hoping to see some big features in the upcoming update. What do you think? Are you expecting anything exciting to come with the new browser?

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  • Selji Okita

    I think they should make pc version better because now Google Chrome is over Firefox.