Download Google Chrome Browser For Android Devices Now

For all of you Google Chrome lovers out there you will be glad to know that Google officially announced today that Google Chrome has been released for Android devices. This means the same blazing fast desktop browser that millions of people have come to love over the past couple of years, can now be used on your favourite Android devices.

Google Chrome for Android is currently in beta status as it lacks some of the features the desktop version stouts. This is not to say, however, that Google Chrome for Android is not worth checking out. Besides the obvious incredible speed Google Chrome has been associated with, it comes with the ability to synchronize with your desktop browser — which is pretty useful. The only real downside to Google Chrome for Android is that it requires the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich firmware.

If you are interested in Google Chrome for Android you can download it from the Android Market by clicking here. Let us know what you think of Google Chrome for Android in the comments section below…

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  • Tdtdelbarrio

    Will it come out on iOS?

  • Tom

    Not compatible with Droid 4…. bummer