Unlocked GSM Samsung Galaxy Nexus For Only $750

Tired of no one stepping up in the United States with a firm launch date of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. You don’t feel like heading up north to buy it early December from Bell Mobility, well then head on over to Expansys.com. The variant offered by them is the GSM version, meaning it is international!

While $750 is a lot to throw on one thing, it isn’t out of this world considering buying out any iPhone 4S will run you up at least $650. If you decide to go this way, at least you are free to go wherever you want (carrier wise of course).

Let us know if you are interested in this in the comments below.

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  • Diable57

    is the 3g for N.A. or europe? or does this phone have all 5 frequencies built in?? It’s not clear in the specs. I would be interested in buying but want to make sure the 3g works here in canada. Bonus would be if it worked everywhere, but I haven’t seen phones that do that to date.