Beats Audio Plans To Launch Their Own Smartphone, TV, And iTunes-Style Service

In a classic case of a moderately successful company getting too big for their britches, The House That Dre Built is planning on expanding to other markets beyond giant shiny headphones. After receiving some cash from HTC, Beats has decided they want to make their own smartphone. They won’t really be making it mind you – HTC will be handling the actual production – but the device will be fully Beats branded, and will have a custom Beats-themed UI over top of the Android operating system.

Beats by Dr.Dre phone HTC

The ambitions of Beats doesn’t stop there though; they also want to make their own television. Again, they’ll be contracting the manufacturing out to a company who actually knows what they’re doing, in this case to Samsung. Maybe they’ll get them to make it in shiny red and white or something.

Beats by Dr.Dre TV

Both the TV and the smartphone will also include a service called Beats Connect. What is Beats Connect, you ask? Well, it’s another service Beats plans to launch, in another market segment they have no real expertise in. They want to make a service that will rival iTunes, offering both music purchases and a subscription-based streaming option. Like iTunes, it will be available across a range of devices, but instead of iPhones and Macs it will be Beats phones and Beats TVs.

As BGR reports, none of the companies involved have commented on these rumors yet, so it could all be hot air. We’ll keep you posted if any more concrete information arises.

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  • guest

    Who wants to bet money they’ll owe Apple one billion dollars because Apple has a patent on the color white or something?

  • Ibragim Scat Gapuraev

    I think it’s pretty cool!