ZAGG invisibleSHIELD Installed On MacBook Pro. Order Now & Save 20%

I purchased an Apple MacBook Pro last year over the winter holidays. I love the appearance, that if smudges or scratches show, I get concerned.

Thanks to ZAGG invisibleSHIELD, I’m able to protect my MacBook Pro from everything! Well almost, but from the daily use and challenges I put it through.

Posted below are pictures of my MacBook Pro, before and after applying ZAGG’s invisibleSHIELD. (click to enlarge)

ZAGG’s instructions which are included, assisted myself, being first time user in applying the invisibleSHIELD. It may take a few attempts, if it’s your first time applying a invisibleSHIELD on a electronic device. Trust me, you’ll enjoy the looks, feel and outcome from invisibleSHIELD.

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