The World’s Thinnest & Lightest Keyboard For iPad 1,2,3,4 [Deals]

The Touchfire keyboard has all the functionality of a standard keyboard, but in apaper thin, transparent silicone that fits directly on your screen.

You can still view the entire screen right through the keyboard with the ability to touch and swipe as if nothing was there!

Don’t believe it? Check out the video above or Google the reviews. There is no question this keyboard will turn your iPad into a laptop killer!


So why do we love it?

It’s super minimalistic and it’s extremely easy to use. Did we forget to mention…it’s truly a revolutionary product. So revolutionary that Entrepreneur Magazine voted Touchfire one of the 100 most brilliant companies of 2013. If you own an iPad this product won’t let you down.

Works With All 9.7″ iPads: Attaches to the iPad 1/2/3/4 using the magnets built into those tablets. It’s non-slip bottom keeps it in place on an iPad 1.

Type with out Looking: Textured keys allow you to type without looking so you can focus on your writing and not on the keys. Freely rest your fingers on the keys for a realistic typing experience with out accidentally entering characters.

What’s In the Box?: Comes with a pair of cover magnets, which help secure it magnetically to your iPad’s cover when you aren’t using it. This makes it easy to keep it with you all the time. Stow the Touchfire keyboard away in an included storage case or simply roll it up in your case.

Rugged & Easy to Clean: The Touchfire keyboard is made of pure, high-performance silicone rubber. It handles the rigors of travel with ease. To clean it, simply run it under tap water and towel dry.

Right now iJailbreak is able to offer the Touchfire Keyboard at the extremely low price of $34.99 along with FREE shipping internationally and to the USA. Click the button shown below for more information.


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  • @sexyhamthing

    Not saying it’s compying or anything.. because i hate it when people get ana, about who’s copying who.

    But this is similar to the touch cover

  • Joshua Jones Makaveli

    A normal keyboard build inside a cover like surface would be better I think.

  • Ted Forbes

    Cool, but this is just another thing I might used for a little while and pack in the box label “things I don’t need.