These Are The Perfect Earbuds For Anyone Who Goes To The Gym Or Is Active

Finding a reliable pair of earbuds for the gym is hard. I would know, I have gone through so many earbuds the past few months as they either fail, aren’t comfortable or sound crappy. If you are in somewhat the same boar then I am here to bring your attention to another pair of earbuds.

Bare with me for a second. These earbuds are not like any earbuds you have tried before… for their price that is. For only $22 you will get some of the best earbuds for anyone living an active lifestyle — the Sport-Fi S6.


These earbuds allow you to forget about your earphones and fully immerse yourself in your activity thanks to:

  • Memory Wire SolutionThe S6 utilizes innovative memory wire design, which loops over-the-ear to help keep cables out of the way and your earphones locked in for a secure yet comfortable fit.
  • Modular Cable SystemA modular cable system combats excess cable length. The included armband and shirt clips insure your music stays close to you. Not only can loose cables rip phones from your ear but they can be potentially dangerous as well.
  • Energy BoosterThe S6’s deep insertion in your ear immerses you in your music and boosts your energy, keeping you in rhythm and in the zone during your workout.
  • Six Different Ear TipsSix different types of ear tips ensure the fit in your ear canal will be comfortable and provide the best sound while blocking out external noise, enabling you to listen at quieter volumes and protect your hearing.

These earbuds are of course also sweat resistant, come with an armband and include free shipping! That only catch is that this deal is unfortunately limited to those of you who live in the United States.

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