Take 40% Off Your Purchase Of A ZAGGSparq [Discount Code]

ZAGG recently notified us of a big promotion they are running.

Currently they are offering a 40% discount on the ZAGGSparq (read our review) which will be valid until about 6pm EDT on Friday, September 10th. If you have never heard of a ZAGGSparq you must curious:

A ZAGGsparq is a portable charger that provides two USB ports for charging mobile devices; this means you can plug the ZAGGsparq into a wall outlet and it will recharge your iDevice (no need for a laptop/computer). Unplugged, the ZAGGsparq also carries multiple charges with it and allows you to recharge your iDevice 4 complete times!

If you are interested in purchasing a ZAGGSparq for yourself you can use the coupon code below to take 40% off your own ZAGGSparq.


Click here to visit ZAGG.com today! They have hundreds of accessories for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

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