[Review] Ultimate HTC Sensation Accessory Pack

Our friends over at MobileFun have given us the opportunity to review the ultimate pack for HTC Sensation accessories.

There’s absolutely tons of stuff in this pack so lets dive right on in and get started.

Screen Protector

Not the most exciting component of the pack, but essential none-the-less. Fitting the HTC Sensation huge qHD screen absolutely perfectly, the application is hassle and most importantly bubble free!

Hard Case

Again, hugely important for those out there that like to treat their devices like they would a car, the case is an incredibly snug fit which is something you don’t always get with phone cases. This is important because it means minimal dust will make it’s way under the cover and case friction which ultimately leads to general wear and tear in the long term.

The case retains access to all the important ports: Power, Volume, Standby etc. Additionally, it’s translucent so allows the natural beauty of the HTC Sensation’s form factor to ooze through.


I hope you’ve all seen these before? If not, you’re missing out! StuckBuddy is only the most portable, innovative, quick, easy stand ever created!

It sticks to the phones surface or case and rests against any flat surface to prop your phone up. It’s small enough to fit in your pocket, and strong enough to even hold up an iPad (oh yes, it’s product agnostic). Definitely recommend everyone gets one of these in your life asap.

Car Charger

Again, not the most exciting feature of the HTC accessories but still very essential for those heavy users amongst us. The only issue I found with it is that it’s quite bulky; with many chargers going micro, it’s hard to find a suitable place to have this sitting near the gear stick without it getting in the way.

Universal Mount

Now on to the good stuff.

This was the HTC accessory I was most looking forward to. Unfortunately, it’s also the one I was most disappointed with. I chose the image above specifically as it displays the mount attached to the dashboard; this is achieved using an adhesive plate that the suction mount then attaches to. Now let me clear something up first – I have no issue with the mount itself, it’s great, allows quick and easy access to the charging port and holds the device very securely (almost too securely sometimes). Although this mount attaches direct to the window screen (of which there are no issues) I specifically opted to use it on the dashboard.

For the first 2 weeks, there was no issues and it was probably the best holder I’d ever used. However, all was fine until the English summer kicked in – the car was parked directly in sunlight for 8 hours at 20degrees. When I get back to the car and put the device in the holder, slowly but surely the phone starts to fall towards me and ends up in my lap. To cut a long story short of constantly repositioning the phone, the glue that holds the plate to the dashboard had melted in the sun and no longer could now support the weight of the phone. 2 weeks on from this and the plate unfortunately still hasn’t recovered.

So overall, the holder is fantastic! Attached to the windscreen they’ll be no issues, but the dashboard mount is certainly not for hot climates (I mean 20 Celsius isn’t even that warm).

Universal Desk Stand

This stand is the most magical thing you’ve ever seen! In short, it uses the friction of your phone against a non-slip pad on the stand to suspend your device in mid-air. It is compatible with all devices, doesn’t seem to have a weight limit on it, and will surely impress your friends. This is by far the best feature of the accessory pack.


The Ultimate HTC Sensation Accessory Pack is priced at only £19.95! No, you didn’t read it wrong. Cheap right?

The pack contains everything you need to protect, look after, and maintain your HTC Sensation all in one convenient cheap package. The only thing that could improve this would be a stronger adhesive on the dashboard mount but using it on the windscreen is definitely an alternative that makes this accessory pack to good to pass up.

Verdict: 9/10

All HTC Sensation owners should head on over to MobileFun and buy this right now!

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