Fly High With The Remote Control Sub-Zero Helicopter For Only $29, It Doesn’t Get Much Better Than That

Talk about a great deal! If you have been putting off purchasing a remote control helicopter as long as I have then now is the time to finally drop the dough. We are currently offering a remote control helicopter for… wait for it, an unbelievable $29! That’s right. Usually remote control helicopters retail for over $50 at least, but not this time you can get the Sub-Zero Helicopter for 50% off.

Although the helicopter isn’t controlled with your smartphone or tablet, it can be easily controlled with the included remote that makes flying a breeze. It features Gyroscope technology assist with stability, three-channel IR control, a durable lightweight frame and up to 10 minutes of flight time.


The body of the Sub-Zero helicopter is 50% lighter than your typical 3 Channel helicopter, the components are made with a super light durable rubber, hand assembled, which is literally bolted together into a lattice structure. The light weight gives it easy maneuverability, longer flight time, while two flexible, counter-rotating blades ensures smooth-as-silk flying.

The helicopters feature three-channel IR control allowing you to give tea bags an airborne tour around the kitchen, with an LED light for night-time flights and a sturdy body to ensure that turbulence doesn’t become a problem.

Fun awaits with the Sub-Zero helicopter. What are you waiting for? Learn more about the helicopter by clicking here.

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  • Colin Steiger

    It ain’t no A.R. Quadricopter Parrot Drone though ;)