Apple Releases New Lightning Dock With Audio Out For $40


Earlier this week, Apple released a new Lightning dock for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. There was no press release like there was for the updated 15-inch Macbook Pro with Retina display and the 5k iMac. The Lightning dock was a surprise release. This new dock features a Lightning connector for charging and syncing the […]

PowerSkin Spare iPhone 6 Battery Case [37% OFF]

PowerSkin Spare iPhone 6 Battery Case Stacksocial

Double Your Battery Life with This Ultra-Thin & Protective 2200mAh Battery Case DESCRIPTION You’d never drive a car without a spare, so why use your phone without proper backup? The PowerSkin Spare is crafted by the best in the game to bring you expert protection, state-of-the-art technology, MFi-certified charging, and a design so slim, you’ll […]

Extreme Trio 10000mAh Battery Pack [41% OFF]

Extreme Trio 10000mAh Battery Pack Stacksocial

The Slim-Pack Power Trio: MFi-Certified Lightning, Micro USB, & USB Ports with Built-in Cables DESCRIPTION This sharp-looking battery pack not only charges 3 devices at once, it displays the charging speeds, total battery life remaining, and charge time remaining on a handy LCD screen. With convenient built-in lighting and micro USB cables plus a universal USB port, the Extreme Trio is […]

Nikola Labs Case Uses Wasted Radio Frequencies To Charge Your iPhone

Nikola Labs iPhone case

You read that right. A new iPhone case from Nikola Labs will convert wasted energy into charge for your iPhone. How cool is that? But before you get all excited, the case doesn’t provide a lot of extra charge. Read on for more. If you haven’t figured it out yet, Nikola Labs is named after famed […]

VOXOA HD Wireless Stereo Headphones [53% OFF]

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Experience Auditory Nirvana w/ Premium Bluetooth On-Ear Headphones DESCRIPTION Critics are raving about the VOXOA Headphones’ CD-quality sound featuring 64 ohm speakers. With a foldable, compact design and clear HD voice audio for taking calls, VOXOA provides a top-of-the-line, wireless listening experience, no matter what’s on your playlist. “I’ll tell you right up front, these […]

Olloclip Announces New Ollocases For iPhone 6 And iPhone 6 Plus


Olloclip, the company behind the popular iPhone lenses, have announced new cases for the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus that’ll make it easy to use their lenses. The Olloclip lens gives your iPhone the ability to shoot videos and take pictures in Wide Angle, Fisheye and Macro modes. The new set of cases, will […]

WatchStand™ Apple Watch Charging Dock [10% OFF]

WatchStand™ Apple Watch Charging Dock stack social

Show Off Your Newest Tech Buy While It Charges, in the Style It Deserves DESCRIPTION We can’t predict the future, but you and your Apple Watch are bound to be inseparable. Keep it close while it charges thanks to this sleek, convenient charging dock and stand. WatchStand seamlessly holds the magnetic Apple charging cord in […]

Alcohoot Smartphone Breathalyzer [20% OFF]

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Drink Responsibly with This Easy-to-Use, Police-Grade Breathalyzer DESCRIPTION Alcohoot instantly transforms your smartphone into a breathalyzer so you can make safer, smarter decisions while drinking. Simply plug Alcohoot into the headphone jack on your smartphone, open the application, breath steadily into the collection chamber – and within seconds, you have an accurate, reliable reading of […]

PowerStand Smartphone Stand & Charger [59% OFF]

PowerStand Smartphone Stand & Charger StackSocial

Enjoy Hands-Free Viewing on Your Phone While It Charges DESCRIPTION Stream movies, read emails, view presentations, and more with this sleek, hands-free device. The PowerStand safely secures your phone at the optimal angle, while conveniently charging it with its 2800mAh of backup battery power. Small & lightweight Strong suction technology to secure phones Perfect for […]

Premium Aluminum 4-Port USB Clamp Hub [28% OFF]

Premium Aluminum 4-Port USB Clamp Hub StackSocial

Many USB Devices, Few Ports? Clamp on 4 Additional USB 3.0 Ports, Make Life Simpler. DESCRIPTION Plugging USBs into the back of your computer can be like searching for a needle in a haystack. Make life a little easier with 4 easy-access ports that seamlessly clamp to the front of your Mac or PC. The […]