iPin Lazer Presenter: The Laser Pointer For Your iPhone [Deals]


Presenting the iPin Laser, powered by your smartphone and engineered to fit right inside the earphone jack. iPin allows users to be presentation-ready anytime and anywhere. The hybrid 90 degrees ON/OFF switch allows iPin Laser to stay plugged in without interfering with the phone speaker. Via simple Wi-Fi connection, the iPin App and iPin Host computer [...]

Sing Your Heart Out With The Bluetooth Shower Speaker [Deals]


This takes singing in the shower to the next level. Get your tunes blasting and make your shower time an even better part of your day. The speaker is water-resistant and features a handy suction cup that allows you to secure it to the shower wall. Its user-friendly design lets you control it with ease [...]

The i360 For Mac From Rain Design [Deals]


The Rain Design i360 turntable (silver) provides an elegant and dynamic way to turn the iMac, Apple Cinema Display, and Apple Thunderbolt (24″-27″). At the push of a finger, you can share the screen during group discussion and access the back ports easily. So why do we love it? The i360° turntable provides an elegant [...]

TOCCs 3-in-1 Smartphone Hi-Def Magnetic Lens Kit [Deals]


View the world around you through a whole new lens! The 3-in-1 lens kit is perfect for adding an new artistic view to your photos. Your stock iPhone camera barely gets the job done, but you need more! Exceed your expectations and take beautiful pictures that are full of life and really capture the moment. [...]

Griffin 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable [Deals]


Ramp up your road trip playlist or DJ a spectacular house party with this essential cable, which connects any audio device to your speaker system of choice – car, home speaker system or portable boom box. This cord gives you the versatility for any situation! So why do we love it? We’ve all experienced the [...]

The Freedom Stick Bolt: High-Speed 4G Wireless Internet Anytime, Anywhere [Deals]


Do you know what’s waiting beyond that buy button? 100% Free high-speed 4G wireless internet! Take it! With FreedomPop, it’s yours! The Freedom Spot Bolt. Connect all your USB devices to this genius little device and get instant high-speed wireless internet on the go. Even at half the price of a hotspot, the Bolt delivers a fast and [...]

Striiv: The World’s First Smart Pedometer [Deals]


Finally a pedometer that actually makes fitness fun! With a hi-res, color touchscreen and built-in apps, the Striiv Smart Pedometer isway more than a step counter. Striiv features a proprietary “activity motivation system”, designed by leading experts in game design and behavior change with one goal in mind: to get you to walk a lot more. [...]

Save Big On This Universal Car Mount With 360 Rotation [Deals]


We’re all guilty of it, the “cellphone-in-the-lap” move while driving, whether we’re reading directions, sending a text, or talking on speakerphone. Avoid the temptation with the Universal Car Mount – the perfect accessory for any car owner. It easily adheres to your car’s windshield so your phone is prominently displayed in your line of site [...]

Grab Your Apple Certified Replacement Lightning Cable [Deals]


An Apple-Approved Lightning cable at an amazing price! Cables wear out, get lost, and you never know when you’ll need another, so grab one of these to keep in the car, at the office, or tightly wound in its packaging until you call it up from the reserves. It’s MFi-Certified so you know the quality [...]

Mobiscope SMART Home Surveillance Starter Kit [Deals]


Mobiscope streams live video feeds from IP or web cameras to any mobile device. Easily connect your iPhone or Android to the Mobiscope app or simply sign into your account on Mobiscope’s website to view your security network cameras or regular webcams – anywhere, anytime. So why do we love it? It shouldn’t cost an [...]