ioShutter SLR: Control Your Camera With Your iPhone [60% Off]

ioShutter SLR

Connect Your Favorite iOS Device & DSLR For Amazing Shutter Control + Free Shipping! LET YOUR iPHONE CONTROL YOUR CAMERA ioShutter connects your two favorite things – your camera and your iPhone (or iPad/iPod), combining amazing gear to give you the best and most reliable camera shutter control. This SLR/Mirrorless shutter release system works with your iOS device along with theioShutter App to give you complete control [...]

Universal Car Mount: Drive Hands Free With A 360° Adjustable Fit [Deals]

car mount deals

Navigate & Talk Without Ever Taking Your Hands Off The Wheel + Free Shipping! MOUNT YOUR PHONE WITH EASE We’re all guilty of it, the “cellphone-in-the-lap” move while driving, whether we’re reading directions, sending a text, or talking on speakerphone. Avoid the temptation with the Universal Car Mount – the perfect accessory for any car owner. It easily adheres [...]

Sony’s New PlayStation TV Wants To Take On Apple TV


During a keynote at E3 2014, Sony announced the new PlayStation TV. A $99 set-top box that can also stream PS 4 games on to another TV set in your household. The PlayStation TV is basically a rebranded PlayStation Vita TV with some extras. Sony’s PlayStation TV will be a direct competitor to the Apple [...]

Apple TV Could Soon Get Siri Support


You may soon be able to command your Apple TV to play songs, videos and more using Siri. Not on the existing hardware, as the current Apple TV lacks a microphone input, but a future model could support Siri. According to code found in the iOS 7.1 SDK, the Apple TV might soon come with Siri. [...]

StoreDot: Fully Charge Your Smartphone In 30 Seconds [VIDEO]


A smartphone, such as the iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One, cannot last longer than a full day of general use. All that processing power, GPU, camera, the beautiful and bright display, all draw power and make your smartphone run out of juice. Imagine if you could fully charge your smartphone from 10 percent to 100 [...]

Amazon’s Set-Top Box Unveiled, Is Called Fire TV


Last month, the Wall Street Journal reported that Amazon will be launching its own set-top box to compete with the Apple TV in April. And just like that, Amazon announced the Fire TV today! Amazon’s Fire TV aims to directly compete with the likes of Apple TV, Roku and Google’s Chromecast. WSJ reported that Amazon’s [...]

Shoot Epic iPhoneography With The Phocus 3 Lens Plus Bundle [Deals]


You don’t need a Hollywood budget to make Hollywood-quality movies anymore. These three Phocus lenses and specially designed housing unit will get you there, and give you the ability to shoot photos and videos from your iPhone that will amaze even you. There’s a macro lens for close-ups, a wide angle lens to show the [...]

Amazon To Launch Its Apple TV Competitor Next Month, Reports WSJ


According to a new report by the Wall Street Journal, Amazon’s answer to the Apple TV and other media streaming devices, could hit shelves next month. It’ll have similar apps that are currently available on Roku and Apple TV, but will also come with Amazon’s own media streaming service. Another report from TechCrunch suggests that this [...]

The Ultra Slim iPhone 10 Hour Battery Case [Deals]


The TOCCs Ultra Slim 10 Hour Battery Case is a lightweight and seamless solution to the inevitable battery problems of the iPhone 5/5s. Snap it in and you’ll get to continuous use on your device, completely uninterrupted for up to 10 extra hours. So why do we love it? There is nothing worse then being [...]

NOMAD’s ChargeKey Is A Key Sized Charging / Syncing Cable You Won’t Want To Miss [Review]


I recently had a chance to take NOMAD’s ChargeKey for a whirl, which is the world’s smallest portable USB cable. I received the thunderbolt version, but there is also a Micro USB variant for Android smartphones. ChargeKey is designed to fit onto your keychain just like a house-key, so you’ll always have a charging cable on [...]