Logitech And Belkin Launch New Keyboard Cases For The iPad Mini

Logitech and Belkin have both launched new keyboard cases for the iPad Mini. This isn’t Belkin’s first iPad Mini keyboard case, they had announced one in November last year. Now, both Logitech and Belkin have launched new slim cases for the iPad Mini.

First, Logitech launched a brand new keyboard case for the iPad mini called the Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini, it’s slim and also works as a protective case for the smaller iPad. It uses magnets, like all other cases, to attach to the iPad Mini, and is made out of aluminum and thus is very light. It comes with a full QWERTY easy type keyboard packed in a small 7-inch layout, but still providing large easy to use keys.



The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini connects to your iPad Mini using Bluetooth and claims to have the battery life of three months, based on two hours of daily usage. It also functions as a Smart Cover, turning the iPad Mini on when it’s opened and putting it to sleep when closed. Watch this video demo of the case after the break:

The Logitech Ultrathin Keyboard mini is available for pre-order now at $79.99, and can be purchased some time later this month in both the United States and Europe. It is available in black or white, just as the iPad Mini colors.

Belkin too launched a very slim and light keyboard case for the iPad Mini. The FastFit Keyboard Case for the iPad Mini, which is similar to Logitech’s offering, but in my opinion, looks better than the latter.

FastFit Keyboard Case

It’s crafted out of anodized aluminum and is thus lighter and durable. It’s as thick as the iPad Mini itself, but doesn’t add a lot of extra weight to it. Again, the keyboard has full sized keys that makes it easy to type. The FastFit Keyboard connects to your iPad Mini using Bluetooth 3.0 and has a battery life of about 155 hours. It attaches to your iPad Mini using magnets and functions as a Smart Cover.

FastFit Keyboard Case

Belkin hasn’t given any pricing details about the FastFit Keyboard Case for iPad Mini. So, we’ll let you know when it’s available, it shouldn’t cost more than Logitech’s case.

Which one of these do you like the most? Are you one of those who likes using a keyboard on their iPad Mini? Let us know in the comments.

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