Methodically Transfer Files From One Computer To Another With JUC400 Wormhole

Are you constantly transferring files between computers? Do compatibility issues drive you crazy? Well hard core techies, IT professionals, and Average Joes, rejoice! Any user can now connect Mac to Mac, PC to PC, Mac to PC, or any combination and share away!

JUC400 Wormhole

J5Create has created the JUC400 Wormhole. “The Wormhole” is a simple switch device that allows you to share a keyboard or mouse, and even enables you to drag and drop files or folders from one Mac or PC to another. The device is user friendly with what J5Create has dubbed, “Simple Connect.” First, the cord blinks to indicate you are connected onscreen. Next, the preference screen asks you to indicate what you want to move over to the other computer. That’s it! Personally, I think this is a game-changing device for both advanced and not-so-advanced users, and the price is right at $40! I am definitely investing in this product, and suggest you do the same.

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