iPin Lazer Presenter: The Laser Pointer For Your iPhone [Deals]

Presenting the iPin Laser, powered by your smartphone and engineered to fit right inside the earphone jack. iPin allows users to be presentation-ready anytime and anywhere. The hybrid 90 degrees ON/OFF switch allows iPin Laser to stay plugged in without interfering with the phone speaker.


Via simple Wi-Fi connection, the iPin App and iPin Host computer program enable you to control the presentation straight from the phone with intuitive finger gestures. iPin is truly an innovative integration of laser and mobile technologies for all professionals.

So why do we love it?

The perfect presentation is something that has eluded professionals all over the world. Fumbling around with different technology trying to give your presentation that special edge is annoying and can fail miserably.

The iPin system is a fool proof way to keep your presentation on point. iPin offers a new design solution to solve the commonly faced battery issue and misplacement issue while using a traditional laser pointer or a wireless presenter.

iPin Laser Presenter delivers portable convenience and battery-free benefits to its presenters. Take control of the entire room and leave no doubt that you are the best in the business.

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