Introducing The Revo4 Case for the iPhone 4! [Who Says Rugged Can’t Look Good?]

Show your iPhone 4 some tough love. Thanks to iSkin’s Revo4 case you can now enjoy life without worrying about damaging your iPhone 4. Lets face it, while your iPhone 4 looks great it is definitely not the strongest smartphone on the market. It is because of this fact that if you are going to be using your iPhone in the great outdoors it is s recommend you purchase a strong iPhone 4 case. Now the problem with these rugged iPhone 4 cases is they often add so much bulk to your iPhone that in the end it doesn’t look much like an iPhone anymore, does it?

revo4: Silicone Case Protection for iPhone4

Well luckily thanks to iSkin’s latest line of cases called the Revo4 you can now have a rugged iPhone case with some serious style! The Revo4 iPhone cases have many color options and still leave your iPhone 4 looking great. The Revo4 offers outstanding protection against drops and other hazards. It was thoughtfully designed with features such as an integrated charging port cover, covered home, volume and power buttons which make the Revo4 extremely durable.

revo4: Silicone Case Protection for iPhone4

Another interesting feature of the Revo4 case is its optional durable visor attachment that protects your iPhone 4’s precious touch screen! Overall the Revo 4 series of cases makes to be a great companion when you venture into a dangerous smartphone environment.

If you are interested in the Revo4 please visit iSkin today and claim yours!

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