iJailbreak’s BIG ZAGG Christmas Basket Giveaway [ZAGGsparq, CS40s Headphones, invisibleSHIELD And More!]

Christmas is only a few nights away, and to celebrate iJailbreak.com has partnered up with ZAGG to give away a giant Christmas basket to one lucky individual that includes a ZAGGsparq, CS40s Headphones, ZAGGfoam and an invisibleSHIELD.

In case you are not familiar with the products in this Christmas basket here is more information on them:

  • ZAGGsparq: The ZAGGsparq is a top-of-the-line portable charger that provides two USB ports for charging mobile devices; this means you can plug the ZAGGsparq into a wall outlet and it will recharge your gadgets (no need for a laptop/computer). Unplugged, the ZAGGsparq also carries multiple charges with it and allows you to recharge most gadgets 4 complete times! Check out our review for more info.
  • CS40s Headphones: The CS40s headphones features a 40mm driver, AeroFoam ear cushions and look  absolutely brilliant. These headphones feature great sound quality, amazing noise cancellation thanks to the AeroFoam ear cushions and overall are just an extraordinary pair of headphones. Check out our review for more info.
  • ZAGGfoam: The ZAGGfoam cleaning kit will make your tech gadgets look as good as new, and leaves a protective shield that resists against oil buildup.
  • invisibleSHIELD: The ZAGG invisibleSHIELD is a full body screen protector on steroids! It is made out of military grade material which is actually used to protect the rotary blades on helicopters. This material is not only the ideal protection from scratches for your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad, once applied, you can hardly notice that you even have a screen protector in place. Note: You will choose what device you want your invisibleSHIELD for.

One lucky winner will receive this ZAGG Christmas basket, and by now I am sure you are wondering how do I enter this contest?

In order to enter the iJailbreak.com ZAGG Christmas basket giveaway you must do the following:

  • For One Entry: Send out the following tweet below, and follow @iJailbreak on Twitter

I just entered to win a ZAGG Christmas basket: includes 4 ZAGG products! http://bit.ly/sXSUiS Follow @iJailbreak & RT to WIN!

  • For Two Entries: Retweet this post, follow @iJailbreak on Twitter and “Like” iJailbreak.com on Facebook
  • For Three Entries: Complete the requirements for two entries and +1 us on Google

IMPORTANT: Once you have completed the actions required for X amount of entries, let us know why you should win the ZAGG Christmas basket in the comments section below INCLUDING how many entries you are entering with.

This giveaway by iJailbreak.com will only last one week! After the week is over we will create another post announcing the winner, and contact him/her individually for shipping details. Good luck!

Update #1: The ZAGG Christmas Basket iJailbreak Winner!

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  • http://twitter.com/buttmuffin Jules McNubbin

    i did all three.. and i should win because i could really use this stuff!

  • Ibragim Scat Gapuraev

    I am entering 3 entities. And I should win it because iJailbreak is awesome and I am awesome, so…. :)

  • DicVodge

    Entered once via Twitter…..Need to protect my new 4s!!

  • Anonymous

    I entered all three ways, plus I added you to my Circle. I should win this because I need it, want it, and love it all!! Thank you iJailbreak!!

  • http://twitter.com/frankie_tweets Frankie Chan

    Entered all three ways! Would love to have more ZAGG stuff + I’m a huge fan of iJailbreak! Thanks a lot!

  • Anonymous

    Did all 3 and I’d like to win because all that stuff looks very cool to me!

  • StickyIqqy

    I posted the entry twice on my Twiter account named “StickyIqqy”; I’m the brown person living in Jersey whose picture includes I wearing horizontal brown and white shirt, blue jeans, and white earphones (I said this so you can avoid sending it to the wrong person.)
     I believe I should win the ZAGG’s Christmas basket because I abuse my iPhone very much, handle it recklessly due to environmental factors, making this package the perfect tools to keep my dearest, and loveable phone safe, secure, and tip-top. I have bought about three of each item on this list, of other brands, or manufacturer, (not going to say names) that has left me extremely dissatisfied for its inability to sustain longer, and providing bad quality, straight up, I absolutely abhor. These high-quality products are what I always aimed for but found out it to be a little expensive, and really epitomizes “luxury item for phone.” I believe if I get this gift, it would keep my iPhone secure, neat, and not let my USB cable blend with fellow wires.

    P.S follow me suckas!

  • Jujutzin

    Entered all three ways, I would like to win because…. Hmm, besides the fact that I love the products and this website (which rocks hard I may add), It would really really really make my day! 

  • http://www.facebook.com/kyle2geek Kyle Huang

    My name is kyle2studios (on twitter) and kyle huang (on google+). I made the 3 entries! :)
    I would like to win (specifically the headphones) because as i work on movies, audio is an important feature. i would want to have the noise-cancelling headphones to make sure i hear clearly. i would also want to focus on the lyrics of my songs. thats also important because it allows me to think about the meaning of the song. even if i dont win, i would still appreciate everything! after all, christmas is about appreciating!   

  • Jay Pimentel

    I made 3 entries. I believe i should win because i am huge fan of the ZAGG products and i get on ijailbreak everyday day to check out new jailbreaking news.
    My facebook is Jay Pimentel.
    My twitter is Chowderjay.

  • Anonymous

    I entry, I should win because I really want all that cool stuff!

  • Kenny Goodin

    I did all three entries. I deserve this stuff, because i’m getting almost nothing for Christmas. Parents are going through a hard time. 

  • Frankie

    I did all three entries. I too believe I deserve to win. I also receive no gifts as I have nobody to receive from. Anytime I’ve wanted something, I’ve worked hard and achived it. It’d be nice for a change to to receive what I want as a gift. good luck to all who have entered and thank you iJailbreak and Zagg, for giving us a chance to enter and win.

  • Frankie

    My tweeter account is @fshafai and my Facebook account is under Farid Shafai in case iJailbreak and Zagg require it. Thanks in advance again 

  • Blacktoothg

    Fuck free stuff…

  • Andrei Ardelean

    I did all three entries! Would love ZAGG + I’m a huge fan of iJailbreak!

    My twitter is @AndreiArdelean.
    My Facebook and Google+ is Andrei Ardelean.
    Thanks a lot!

  • Mohammad Adra

    well i like the ZAGG stuff , and also we don’t have it where i live.
    And also i’m a big fan of ijailbreak .my twitter @sunset_lover:twitter my facebook Mohammad H. Adramy G+ Mohammad AdraThank you

  • Anonymous

    i made 3 entries. Those 4 products would make a wonderful christmas gift for my family. My daughters could “share” the headphone. Also they don’t know how to keep their iphone clean! I could really use a invisibleSHIELD for my 4s and the charger will be much useful for my iphone 4s sucky battery life.

    Much thanks and merry christmas
    Sean Lorenz
    aka: chimpking

  • HOLA!

    well my son haz an ipod and he wants 1 of dis. do they give out screen protectors for ipod?

  • http://twitter.com/JadenEllett Jaden Ellett

    Yeah they do as far as I know!

  • Casey B.

    I entered all 3 times. I would like to win to replace my current broken charging brick and headphones. Plus a new invisishield would be great as a guy at work dropped a knife on mine and cut it. It protected my phone however, which is why it’s the only screen protector I will be buying from now on.

  • Casey B.

    Twitter: @RoguePilot09
    Facebook/ G+: Casey Brown

  • Anonymous

    I entered and posted here and it said that I need to wait until a moderator approves the comment? I still don’t see my posting/entry here….any ideas?

  • Kirtpro

    Hi iJailbreak, i think i should win because I’ve always been tuning in on your posts and feel you’re the best site to get the latest jailbreak info! You guys have helped me out a lot with your epicly simple tutorials which i love so much because there’s download links and you’ve used simple easy words to explain the process. I’ve been fascinated by ZAGG products and have always wanted to use it.

    I entered with 3 entries, my twitter is @kirtpro

  • Mohammed kanan

    Hi iJailbreak I wish I could have chance to win a zagg product from ur giveaway because I never owned a zagg product and I would like to and if I win any of the giveaways it would be like a Christmas present for me because I don’t celebrate Christmas and this would make me happy in getting something.
    And I want to pimp out my iPod and iPhone with zagg products:)


    I entered in 3 entry’s and my twitter is @kingmoe738

  • Anonymous

    Dave01568 tweeted and follows

  • Anonymous

    Plus 1 on google as David Ferrandino

  • Anonymous

    David Ferrandino / @dave01568 all three entries

  • Soranut Ratanavaraha

    Soranut Ratanavaraha tweet retweet like on Facebook and +1 on google plus

  • Soranut Ratanavaraha

    because i want a zagg product and i am only 10

  • Er Adrian Sto Domingo

    Greetings! Hello iJailbreak.com I’m from philippines and those 4 ZAGG products will be a very great present for me if i’m going to win. It will be more appreciated and treasured forever. I’m willing to give the headset for my brother as a gift this christmas and the ZAGG invisible shield for my iPhone 4 so it will be protected as well. I know that everyone of us here deserves to win because we all did our part by participating and being fair. And it’s up for you who will decide who’s going to win this fabulous prices. Win or Lose atleast i did my part.

    Thanks ZAGG & iJailbreak.com for making it possible.

    I heart you all as always! <3

    HAPPY Holidays everyone! Cheerio! :)

    Got 2 entries
    Twitter : 

  • http://twitter.com/LGiosguide Luis Garcia

    I’m entering with all 3 entries, and i should win because i love Zagg products!

  • Anonymous

    @dave01568 tweeted this contest today

  • Chad

    I should win because i follow ilikegirlsdaily

  • http://twitter.com/azntwinz andy

    Twitter: @Azntwin:twitter   
    Liked on Facebook.
    I would appreciate all these prizes because i might get my first iphone and want to keep it as new as possible. I would truly appreciate and remember this for a very long time.  I will give the rest to my brother and sister who might also get their first apple product for Christmas. I have been reading a lot about apple products and this would make this a lifetime memory. Thank you for your consideration. 

  • Dcooper0515

    I have two entries. I really need more zagg products

  • Jared Cleghorn

    I love iJailbreak and I got a new iPhone 4 for Christmas, so some new accessories for it would be wonderful. I entered twice.

  • Marco Scapolo

    3 entries. Marco Scapolo on Facebook, marcuzzen007 on Twitter and Google+! I love Zagg!

  • http://nonsolocontest.blogspot.com MrTax

    Massimiliano SBrana on Facebook, @mrtax2005  on Twitter and  Mr Tax Google+!
    I love Zagg!

  • AlanLopez

    I did everything :)
    TwitterUsername: 760inthehouse
    Facebook Username: Alan Lopez