Griffin 3.5mm Auxiliary Audio Cable [Deals]

Ramp up your road trip playlist or DJ a spectacular house party with this essential cable, which connects any audio device to your speaker system of choice – car, home speaker system or portable boom box. This cord gives you the versatility for any situation!

So why do we love it?

We’ve all experienced the unreliable bluetooth connection or finicky car radio where you have to dial a new station every time you get static, all your problems are solved with this high quality AUX cable.


You can’t argue with the reliability of an auxiliary cable, especially when there’s six (6) feet of cord that allows you to change songs without getting up from the couch.

Reliability is key and the Griffin Audio Cable is exactly that – unlock a new music experience.

You can learn more about Griffin’ss 3.5mm Auxiliary audio cable in the iJailbreak Deals store where you will find it for 72% off its normal retail price. Just click the button shown below.


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