Google X Founder Wears Project Glass During An Interview

In an interview with Charlie Rose, the Google X founder and researcher Sebastian Thrun was sporting the experimental Project Glass glasses the entire time. One of his ambitions for this project was best summed up when he said that “the hope [of the project] is to really get things out of your life, not into your life.”

During the interview, Charlie Rose asked just what the glasses do, which Thrun then quickly made a slight gesture, saying he just took a picture of him and shared it on Google+. The image he took (which can be viewed below) was indeed seen on his Google+ page with the comment “I took this picture during the interview”.

The interview goes on to talk about Google’s self-driving car, which Thrun did indeed work on, as well as his online university named Udacity. The entire interview with Thrun, is actually very interesting and I do recommend you watching the whole 19 minutes of it. If instead you are just looking to see the discussion on the Project Glass technology, it starts about thirty seconds into the video.

To watch the interview just click here.

Do you think these glasses will catch on in the future? Share your predictions about these glasses in the comments below.

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  • mmm

    where can I buy it?

  • Tudor Alexandru

    This is creepy. Coming up next, retina implants, the new eyePhone

  • Wingy42

    Can I get them with my prescription