Casio Introduces New G-Shock Smart Watch Compatible With The iPhone

Casio has introduced a new smart-watch in its G-Shock range, which works with your iPhone and alerts you of incoming notifications. This isn’t the first smart-watch that we’ve seen, but it certainly is the most common looking watch that works with the iPhone.

G-Shock GB6900AA Will Connect With The iPhone Over Bluetooth v4.0

The G-Shock GB6900AA uses low power Bluetooth v4.0 to connect your iPhone 4S or iPhone 5 and alerts you whenever you get a call, new email etc on your iPhone. Why is it only compatible with the iPhone 4S/5? Well, they are the only devices that have Bluetooth v4.0 functionality. G-Shock is a well known and good brand when it comes to outdoor watches and this new model blends in well with the rest, while bringing additional features to the table.

Apart from receiving call and email notifications, the watch can also locate your iPhone by setting off the alarm on your device. It can also set its time as per your iPhone clock, which can be very useful when you’re globe-trotting. There’s also helpful features like Link-Loss alert, whenever your iPhone is too far away and Auto reconnection that turns off Bluetooth communication with your iPhone when you take off the watch. You of course get the standard G-Shock features as well, such as 200m water resistance and shock resistance. Below is a video that showcases its features and iPhone connectivity:

The G-Shock GB6900AA uses a standard coin type battery, which according to Casio, will last you for about 2 years. That’s with approx. 12 hours of iPhone connectivity everyday. Casio is selling the watch for a hefty $180, which I believe is a little too much for some basic connectivity features. What do you think? Are you interested in this new G-Shock Smart watch?

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