Tucano Cornice Case For The iPad Third Generation [Review]

No matter what device you have, people love their accessories. From adding extra controllers to a Microsoft Xbox 360, a unique phone skin or that awesome laptop bag for your new laptop, accessories are everywhere. In addition to their wide variety of styles, their costs also range drastically from some costing $1 to accessories costing you thousands of dollars. With the upcoming release of the iPhone 5 and the rumored iPad Mini, I think it is time to revisit some existing accessories as some people may not be feeling the love they once had for their favourite iOS device. Today I will be reviewing one of the more popular clean style iPad cases, the Cornice, by Tucano.

Tucano is an Italian inspired accessory company, which makes cases and bags for iPads, laptops and more. Many of their products are praised for the professional design and feature packed options. The Cornice by Tucano has been around for previous generations of the iPad, however today I will be focusing on the model for the third generation or iPad 3. The case itself is made of a eco-leather which is available in different colours including black, red, light grey, dark grey, purple and a bright pink. This leather surrounds the entire iPad, including a top covering. 

Inside the leather the entire case is stitched with a microfiber fabric which acts as a nice soft medium for your iPad to rest upon. The case has all the needed holes for your camera, volume rocker, pin connector and the power button. The iPad is held securely in the case by a leather flap which you flip under the iPad once you slide it into the case. The front covering portion of the case has the same folding design as the Apple Smart Cover, which allows for a very easy transition from holding it to proppin git up on a desk or other surface. While you can prop it up vertically, I still do not feel very confident doing so. 

The front portion does feature small magnets, which allows it to use the built in sleep/wake function of the iPad. When you close the case the iPad will fall asleep, and when you open the front, the iPad will awaken from its sleep. While this feature is very common in the higher end cases, I did have some trouble with this feature. It appears that in the close position the magnets did not line up properly with the iPad, causing it to be very hit or miss if my iPad did indeed fall asleep. 

One of the rather unique features at the time of release, the Cornice features a rather well placed magnet at the back of the case. This allows the front portion to connect magnetically to the back, so you don’t have a front portion just hanging off the case. While this sounds like a great feature, once again I felt the design needed a bit of tweaking. On my copy of the case when the back of the case was ‘connected’ it was very momentarily. The connection is not very strong and most often they would separate, leaving the front portion just hanging. Either moving the magnet back in the case, or stronger magnets on the front portion would easily fix this issue.

When the front actually did connect to the back, the front case was not flat, but a few of the folds were propped up. While holding it with the front case in the back, this had no effect, when you went to fold the front case back to cover the iPad, the folds were pressed into this up position. Even after months of use, the propped up state of the first couple folds are still there, causing a portion of the iPad not to be securely covered and quite annoying. 

The case has some very nice features in it, however mine were not manufactured well and had several shortcomings. The last area to review on is build quality The leather of this case feels less slippery than many others and is very strong at resisting any sort of scratches. This is a huge plus as we all know there are times that we may not be all that careful with your devices. It is the inside soft microfiber finish where the build quality and durability of this case really fails. After only 2 months of use the inner lining was beginning to peel away from the leather top piece. This was occurring only at the front cover on both edges.

The back cover, where the leather stitching goes all the way around still is holding up nicely. Those 2 months of use were very normal, using it around work, and home. Shortly after the corners began to peel, the inside corners near where the front and rear portion meet began peeling,revealing the metal plates inside each fold. The glue on top of the metal pieces then began to come off, allowing the inner fabric to flow freely inside the front panel. To add insult to injury, the small adhesive fabric inside the soft microfiber finish, lining the edges began to come off inside as well. This happened on both sides of the front panel. 

While Tucano does offer you a 2 year warranty on all of their products, they are rather difficult to reach. They do have a phone number for their New York office, however it is not toll free. Furthermore, after emailing them concerning the case, it has been 3 weeks and have yet to hear back from them.

For $69.99, this is a feature packed folio case for any iPad. While the build quality may feel higher than others, there are numerous reports of the same front panel stitching falling apart from other users online. For 10% of the price of many iPads, you would expect a rather durable product, especially since it carries a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Overall the Cornice case is a hit and miss. While it provides a great style, and some very interesting features, the manufacturing of the cases leaves many of these features improper and degrades the durability of the case. For the lack of durability amongst some very interesting features I give the Cornice case by Tucano a rating of:

4 out of 10

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