Get Beats By Dre Studio Headphones For Nearly 50% Off With iJailbreak’s Deals

Do you live in the United States and have been wanting to get Beats By Dre Studio Headphones? Well, now is your chance! Through iJailbreak’s Deals we are offering Beats By Dre Studio Headphones for a whopping 47 percent off. The only catch is that you must live in the United States… sorry international readers.

For those that don’t know the story behind Beats by Dr.Dre, “Dr. Dre was tired of spending months on a track only to have his fans hear it on weak, distorting earbuds. Two years and hundreds of prototypes later, Beats Studio headphones are the icons that bring you sound the way it was originally intended.”

There is without a doubt a lot of choices when it comes to studio quality headphones, but when you can get them for this price, there should be little holding you back. This particular promotion, allowing you to grab Beats By Dr.Dre headphones for only $158 lasts only two more days and only while supplies last.

Get Beats By Dre Studio Headphones For Nearly 50% Off

Powerful Enough to Block Out A Jet Engine

  • Powered by a pair of AAA batteries, the noise cancellation feature in a pair of Beats Studio headphones amplifies the music as it blocks out noise, giving you consistently powerful and intense sound.

Extra Comfortable Ear Cups

  • Super plush and covered with ultra-soft breathable materials, you’ll be cool and comfortable even during marathon listening sessions. The Beats by Dr. Dre logo on the side also acts as a mute button when you press it. No need to take them off to talk.

A Flawless & Iconic Fit

  • Designers of Beats Studio headphones conducted a series of ergonomic studies to find the perfect lightweight, foldable headphone that always delivers a comfortable fit. The result is a design now copied by brands around the world.

Remote Control

  • Take calls, skip songs and adjust volume right from the cord of your Beats Studio headphones. No more searching for your phone or music player just to find the right song.

It isn’t very often an opportunity comes up like this to save over $142 and with some of the biggest sales over, you would have to wait months to get a discount even remotely close to this. Click here for more information on these wonderful headphones.

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  • Wissam Nasser