Apple’s New Accessory Names: ‘Earpod’ Earbuds, ‘Lightning’ Dock Connector, And Something Called A ‘Loop’

I don’t know about you, but the idea of jamming something into my ears called an ‘Earpod’ doesn’t seem like the most appealing bit of accessory marketing to me. According to 9to5mac‘s sources, that’s exactly what Apple will be calling its redesigned headphones. Despite the odd name, the fact that Apple is doing something to address the cheap headphones it bundles with its highend electronics is a gesture of good faith. We covered the leaked earbud redesign in an article last week; apparently the Earpods are both more comfortable to wear and feature improved sound quality. They still look like they’re going to harvest my brain.

Apple’s rumored new earbuds. Do you like the design?

We’ve also seen peeks of the 9-pin dock connector, which 9to5mac’s sources say will be called the ‘Lightning’ dock. This would be keeping in theme to the Thunderbolt interface on the recently released mac lineup. 9to5mac thinks it will sell for between $20, which is roughly the price of the current ‘Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable.’ Wow, that was a mouthful. Maybe Apple has the right idea with the new product names.

Why ‘Lightning’ though? Will it take advantage of the faster transfer speeds provided by Thunderbolt and USB 3.0? Will it charge devices faster? We’ve yet to see a working iPhone 5 leak yet (not a legitimate one) so we have no idea what practical benefits Apple is providing along with the new dock connector.

Apple’s new ‘Lightning’ dock cables in white.

Oh yeah, and Apple will apparently be releasing a new accessory called a ‘Loop’ for the iPod Touch, which 9to5mac says “will come in white+black, white+red, white+pink, white+yellow, and white+blue and retail for around $10.” What’s a Loop? No idea. Maybe an alternative to the Bumper?

Do you like these new product names? Share your thoughts and stay tuned for more coverage as Apple big announcement draws near.

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