Ring In The New Year With 100% Free Mobile Internet [Deals]

It’s 2014, isn’t it time you had 4G internet access on the go?

Get up to speed with the world’s smallest 4G mobile hotspot – The Freedom Spot Photon: Platinum Edition. Plus, get 1GB of 4G Data every month for the first year – completely free.

Connect up to 8 of your mobile WiFi devices at once to surf, stream, game, and update on FreedomPop’s high-speed 4G network.

With no contracts or cancellation fees you can choose from a variety of flexible and affordable prepaid plans. You’ll be able to pay for only what you need even if it changes from month to month.


So why do we love it?

Coming from a company that believes that “internet is a right, not a privilege”, how can we not endorse this product?

Expensive and unwieldy data plans are so 2013 – and making a New Year’s resolution to get 100% free internet access on an 4G network is one you won’t find hard to keep.

It’s not even a question anymore – we need to stay connected everywhere, at all times and this little hotspot is the device to help us do it.


For more information on how you can get your hands on 100% free high speed 4G LTE internet for one year click the button below.


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  • dumb

    The picture shows an LTE capable MiFi however the link goes to the photon (platinum) which is 4G WiMax only, not 4G LTE. WiMax coverage is very limited.